Chastity Products

Chastity Products

Things to Consider About Purchasing Chastity Products

Purchasing chastity products can be a difficult aspect for any guy that is new to the chastity lifestyle. Of course, this is a fairly difficult lifestyle to get your mind into anyway. Finding the right products for your chastity needs can make it somewhat of a hard decision to even want to deal with let alone actually follow through with. The good news is that you can find just about all the Male chastity cages and gear you need for your fetish at, and you don’t have to worry about going out in public to do it, either.   Male chastity

There are a great many guys that find these types of products online due to the fact that most people just don’t understand why someone would want to go through the chastity aspect. If you are walking into an adult store and looking through chastity devices, then you are telling everyone in there what you are into. That kind of information can start to get around to the people in your family and that might cause a few problems for you later on. But if you are looking to be as discreet as possible, there is nothing better than going to

Most guys that use online shopping for their male chastity devices find that it is much easier to find the things that they want. When dealing with a physical store, you have the aspect of inventory to contend with. A brick and mortar store is only going to have so much room available and they may not be able to carry the needed products that you want them to carry for you. You can always have things specially ordered, but if you are going to go through that, then why not spend a few minutes online and have it shipped to your home instead?

Another great reason to go through a site like is that their cock gear are going to be of the highest possible quality. They really do take their customers to heart when they purchase the items they are selling, making sure that each and every item is made with the best possible materials available. That really comes in handy when you are dealing with  male chastity products since having low grade materials means your chastity cage might not last as long as you would like it to. Imagine having your cage fall apart while you are wearing it in an office meeting or something.

You have to take the choice of materials for these products to mind when considering what you are going to be purchasing. You don’t necessarily have to go with the most expensive one you find, but you do need to remember that you get what you pay for, and if the price is obscenely low then the quality is probably going to closely match that price. This doesn’t mean that you can't buy pruducts that are cheap, but it’s not a good idea if you are actually going to follow through and wear them on a daily basis.

If you are only looking for a few hours of play a week out of your products, then there is really no reason to get out there and spend a lot of money. In fact, in this case the cheaper you can find something the better it will be for you and your needs. Playing with chastity and actually following the chastity lifestyle are completely different things, and you will need to consider how deeply involved you are willing to get before you decide on the devices that you will need.

Going the extra distance and wearing products of this type all day long for weeks and even months at a time is something that can change your life forever. If you are able to give up the control and become that submissive to someone, then you are going to need gear that can stand up to the abuse that they are looking to receive. You know that you aren’t going to be able to keep yourself flaccid all the time, especially in the very beginning, and that it going to cause unneeded wear and tear on whatever products that you are using at that time.

These are just a few of the things you need to take into consideration when deciding what kind of items you are going to need to purchase. has a pretty large selection of cock gear, male chastity cages and anal gear that you can choose from so that you can find the perfect item for your needs. Of course, this might take you a bit of time, but you should always research any kind of these products that you might find interesting in order to make sure you can actually handle using them on a full time basis.

It may sound like quite an extensive amount of work being involved in the chastity lifestyle, but it’s much better to be safe rather than sorry later on. If this is something you are truly interested in doing, then you will need to have as much information about cock wear as you can possibly have. You don’t want to spend a decent amount of money on something only to find out it isn’t even remotely used the way you thought it might be used. Having the knowledge to know what is to be put on what and where it is supposed to fit for the greatest benefit means that you have what it takes to delve into the world of being chaste.

For most guys, chastity designs are another way of giving up control and becoming overtly submissive to their masters or mistresses. This is probably one of the best ways that a master or mistress can create a truly submissive slave because they can wear these products at all times of the day and night while still leading rather normal lives. You might never know that your boss or other guys that you work with are wearing things like cock rings and chastity cages while they are at work. In fact, they probably won't realize that you are wearing them as well.

This is the type of lifestyle choice that a lot of guys, both straight and gay, have turned to in order to prove their loyalty and devotion to their partner as well. There are actually certain cock cages that are made specifically for that kind of devotion. Just think of how great it would be to be able to give your partner the key to your own chastity cage and have them wear that key on a chain around their neck, even when the two of you go out for a night on the town.

These types of chastity devices can turn a boring home life into something much more exciting. This lifestyle doesn’t have to be overly sexual in nature, either, as there are chastity products for both men and women available. It is, of course, a pretty good idea to get permission to put a chastity item on another person, though. In fact, there are a few laws that consider it to be like false imprisonment if you put a chastity item on a person without their knowledge and refuse to let them out of it.

Most guys aren’t going to do something like that, however, and they will want to use their male chastity devices on themselves. If you are planning on using it on yourself, then you will need to make sure to get the right size, or at least something that is adjustable. Trying to put on chastity devices that are way too small for you can be quite an obstacle and takes the aspect of punishment a bit too far for some guys. Sometimes it can turn more towards the aspect of torture but if you are into BDSM, then you might want to consider that aspect.

There are different products for different levels of intensity. You should be aware that the intensity level you are looking for is going to be representative of the item and how it looks while it is on. Going to and looking through the options that they have available for you is a great way of finding chastity gear that will suit your needs. Plus, you will get to see what they look like while someone is actually wearing them, and that can help you decide what you are going to purchase as well.

So far, you’ve learned about the look, the materials used, and what kind of aspect you are looking for in the cock and anal gear that you are purchasing. The only thing left that you will need to do know is actually find what you are looking for and buy it. has plenty to offer you, and there are probably thousands of other websites out there that can help you in deciding what kind of chastity devices will be suited to your needs. Really, the only thing that limits you in this regards is your imagination and how far you are willing to take it.

For anyone that is looking for something very basic in regards to Male chastity devices, then look no further than the everyday cock ring. While most guys do not consider this the type of thing that fits in the world of being chaste, you would be surprised at how well these little numbers can work out. There are plenty of shaft rings available as well that can help keep that urge to get an erection to a minimum, and they are great chastity products to start out with.

These rings work really well when you consider that you can wear them under your current clothing without any hassles whatsoever. In fact, they are the first chastity devices that most guys consider using when they have to wear something while they are at work. Cages can be a bit tricky to wear if you are working in a field that requires a lot of walking around or bending over. Think of what it would be like to be a plumber wearing some a cage and you will completely understand why cock and shaft rings can come in very handy for some guys.

There is such a huge variety of different chastity devices out there that it is very difficult to go over every single one of them in one sitting. That is why it is so important that you do some research as to what kind of items you might want to wear. You can find all kinds of sites online that will delve deeper into the cock gear that you find interesting, and give you even more information on the lifestyle in general. It is very important to read up on things like this if you are interested in it.

Since the chastity lifestyle is considered by most to be a form of submissive behavior, you should probably set up some kind of safe word aspect to have the chastity you’re wearing removed if you need to for an emergency. The submissive aspect of this type of fetish would mean that no matter how much you begged and pleaded your chastity device would still not be removed by a true master or mistress. But if you have safe words set up, then you can get them removed if you are in pain or need them taken off for some other reason, like a doctor’s appointment. gives you as much information as you might need to find the right chastity device for your needs. They will make sure that you understand how to use your items and they will make sure that they are of the highest quality so that you know you are getting your money’s worth. There is nothing worse than spending a load of cash on something that never works right. That’s one thing you will never have to worry about when dealing with male chastity gear. You can count on the craftsmanship and the quality of the materials to insure that the money you are spending is well worth the effort for your needs.

Male Chastity Saved My Relationship

Having just returned home from work, I was ready for a long hot shower and some relaxation time. I was also very excited because I knew that my chastity device I had ordered from was due to arrive today! It had only been a couple of days since I ordered it, but I was always so impatient to get my new items. is my favorite website to order various menswear items and they always deliver fast and securely. I would be checking the office right after my shower. Before I could get completely undressed, I heard my doorbell ring. Peering through the peephole on the door, I saw Nelson, my next door neighbor standing outside holding a plain brown box. Oh my god! I thought. That HAS to be my new male chastity device! But what was NELSON doing with it?

I quickly unlocked my door and opened it to Nelson, who was practically leering at me. It was then that I realized I was only wearing my terry cloth robe I had grabbed when the doorbell rang. Suddenly quite aware that I wasn’t wearing anything under my robe, I wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible.

“Hello, Nelson, what can I do for you?”

“Well, I noticed this box was left for you today and I figured I would gather it rather than leave it out here for just anyone to pick up,” he replied still holding my box while continuing to look me up and down.

“That’s very kind of you, Nelson,” I said. “It’s also very odd that you would have found this sitting at my door since all packages are typically delivered to the office for safekeeping.”

I knew my device had not been left just sitting in front of my door. Nelson had done things like this to me in the past. I couldn’t decide if he was trying to hit on me or torment me. Either way, I wasn’t interested. I simply wanted to collect my box from him and get on with my evening. He did have the decency to blush a bit when I as much as told him that I didn’t believe him but he continued to stand his ground, while also still standing at my door.

Finally, I held out my hand for the box, hoping that he wouldn’t figure out it was a  chastity product. Nelson can be quite a stubborn fellow as well as a nosey one. He kept looking at the box and then back at me as if he was waiting for me to tell him what was in it.

“You might want to open this to see that nothing is broken or anything,” Nelson drawled.

“I’m sure it’s fine, and I don’t mean to be rude, Nelson, but I was just about to shower and go out.”

“Oh really! Well, you know, there’s this new little café down the street that I’ve wanted to try. Maybe we could have a bite together?”


Looking at the box that held my male chastity device, all I wanted to do was grab it from him and slam the door shut in his face. However, I managed to restrain myself.

“That might be lovely at another time, Nelson. You see, this is a business appointment tonight and I really must be getting ready or I’ll be dreadfully late. Now if you could just hand me the package so that I can finish getting dressed, I would be so grateful.”

Nelson gave me a crestfallen look as he grudgingly handed over the box containing what I hoped was my device. I thanked him again quickly, and managed to close the door without seeming totally rude. Racing back into my bedroom, I made quick work of opening the box. Sure enough, nestled among secure packing lay my brand new Caged and Cuffed chastity device! Carefully, I lifted it from the box. It was as beautiful in person as it appeared on the pages of

Now, you’re most likely wondering why a single guy would have any need for something like this. It’s a bit difficult to explain without sounding more than a little arrogant, but I’m willing to give it a shot. I got into the chastity scene for one reason. You see, I’m a VERY attractive guy. See? I told you it would sound arrogant, but there it is. I can’t go anywhere without people from both sexes hitting on me. When you grow up with the kind of looks I have, you get used to being with whoever you want to be with. Not only that, but you get used to being the one that walks away. I can’t even give you a head count of all the people I’ve had sex with.

Then, one night, an amazing man named Jody came into my life. I realized when I met him that I had never really been in love before and he was the reason that I suddenly needed more devices. Don’t believe what you hear about how being in love will suddenly make you monogamous. It simply doesn’t happen that way and, for me, I doubt it ever would have. In spite of how much I adored Jody, I simply couldn’t turn down a beautiful body hitting on me for sex. I have to admit, though, that Jody took a lot from me before he finally had enough. Nothing had ever gutted me as much as the night Jody packed and left. I had never felt such pain because no one had EVER left ME. So I actually begged him to stay and promised to do anything.

That was when he looked at me and said, “You might want to look into chastity devices then. It’s painfully obvious that it’s the only way you’ll ever remain faithful to anyone. I do love you, Dylan, but I deserve to be treated better than this. If you can remain abstinent for a full year, I’ll reconsider our relationship. Go have a look at They’ve got some excellent items there that just might insure that you’ll remain chaste.”  And with that, he walked out the door.

Even though I hadn’t seen him personally, I had been told by people from time to time that he’s been keeping tabs on me and my behavior. Oddly enough, I immediately went to and ordered some cock gear items. Sex wasn’t quite so important to me anymore since Jody had left me. But it’s still hard for a zebra to change its stripes, so when I was hit on by attractive men, my body automatically responded to them. If I hadn’t been wearing a chastity device, I wouldn’t have been able to keep my vow of abstinence because I would become aroused instantly. Of course, the device made sure that I wasn’t going to do anything with that feeling. To be on the safe side, I always left the key to the lock on the device at home. In that way, even if I was tempted to give in, I couldn’t have done it.

At first, I started by simply wearing it when I went out for the evening. That kept me honest and I could get relief from it when I got home. Then, it became clear to me that I should be also wearing it when I went to work because that turned out to also be a very tempting place. In addition, I would be going out for lunch in public places as well as drinks after work. So I definitely needed to be kept in check during those time. Male chastity eventually became a way of life for me.

Soon, the only time I wasn’t wearing one of my devices is when I was at home alone. It was nice to be able to take it off for the evening. And yes, you did read that right. I did say “devices” in plural. Once I ordered my first device, I simply had to try more of them. This latest one, the Caged and Cuffed one, I found really exciting. The part that fits around the base of my penis is in the shape of a handcuff, which I somehow found very alluring. This is onecock gear device that I just might wear for the fun of it.

When I finished with my shower that night, I padded into my bedroom completely naked and spent some time getting acquainted with my brand new chastity device from Once I had it attached, I viewed it in my full length mirror. It actually looked kind of hot on me. I was just sad that I had no one to show it to, although I was sure that Nelson would be more than happy to view it and render his opinion of it. However, THAT was something that was NEVER going to happen.

As I kept staring at this cock gear device, my doorbell rang, as if right on cue. No, no, no, I thought. If it’s Nelson again, I’m going to ignore him. So I tiptoed quietly to the door and silently looked through the peephole. That’s when I nearly fell to my knees. Standing on the other side of my door, looking EXTREMELY FINE, by the way, was the love of my life. That’s right: Jody was waiting patiently for me to open the door.

Forgetting all about the fact that I was naked except for the Caged and Cuff device I was wearing, I threw open the door wide. Jody started to smile and then glanced down at my new device.

“I see you’ve been a good boy, after all,” he said, still smiling. “However, you may want to invite me in and close the door before your neighbors start getting an eyeful.”

“Oh my god! Yes, please, oh please, come inside. I must grab a robe!” I vanished quickly into my bedroom and plucked my silk dressing gown from the bed. I hadn’t even remembered that Jody loved to see me wearing this particular robe until his eyes lit up at the sight of me wearing it.

“My, my, you ARE pulling out all the stops, aren’t you?” he said. “First, the new toy and now, you put on my favorite robe. If I didn’t know better, I would think that you were trying to seduce me.”

I simply could not speak. The fact that Jody was here, standing in my living room, was enough to have rendered me speechless on its own. But to realize that he had kept up with the date of the year’s anniversary and showed up almost to the hour that he had left me a year ago simply boggled my mind.

“I have to say,” he continued. “I didn’t expect you to be able to keep your vow of celibacy even with the help of a male chastity device. So I’m very impressed at your ability to remain faithful when you have a reason to.”

“Jody, I’ve missed you so much! It’s always been you ever since I first met you! No one else has meant anything to me. I just needed to learn how to control myself. It’s so hard to un-learn something when you’ve been doing it your entire life. I know I hurt you and that I deserved to lose you but I always hoped you would come back.”

Jody walked over to me and stood very close, running a finger over the chastity cage concealed by my robe. Then he looked at me straight in the eyes and said, “Can we forget all of that and can you just be kissing me now?”

That was all it took to have me in his arms again. After that, it took only seconds for both of us to be completely naked and on my bed. It was obvious that Jody had missed me as much as I had missed him. I hoped that it was obvious to him that I had kept my promise to him about learning control.

At one point, he stopped kissing me and said, “So, where’s the key to this cock cage? I think it’s time for it to come off, don’t you?”

I couldn’t have agreed with him more!

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