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Male chastity and the male chastity designs from  Mens swimwear, Spandex sex wear, Lycra fetish wear, male chastity cock cages and so much more! is a leader in extreme swimwear designs, men’s fetish clothing in spandex, spandex sex wear and spandex cock displays. Koalaswim has added a full line of male chastity products which have blended in perfectly. Michael David the head designer at Koalaswim states that it was an easy decision to add high quality male chastity products to our line. We already have the type of customers that are into these products. We have been offering chastity designs for about a year now and it is a growing part of our business. We are working on new cock cages, chastity cages and spandex matching gear all the time along with anal style suits which includes suits with built-in plugs, added dildos and anal style hooks all very all very popular products with this crowd. We are into these devices ourselves and that is how we happened to get into offering these products.

Learning to Live a Male Chastity Lifestyle

I never knew just how important a male chastity lifestyle was to some people until I had three different relationships end because of it. I call this my Unenlightened Period where there was no way that I was going to be involved in anything that limited my participation in and appreciation of having sex. This was a time in my life where I really thought that the only way to enjoy sex was to, well, have it! To my understanding at that time, living chastely meant that I either wasn’t going to be having sex or that I was going to have to be granted permission before that was going to happen. No way was I going to give into that way of living!

All of that was before the lifestyle was explained to me in a way that I could understand as well as see what the benefits and advantages could be in living that way. Prior to my being enlightened, I was involved in what I believed to be a very loving and amazing relationship with a gorgeous man named Erick. When I say “gorgeous” I do mean that he was so beautiful to look at that sometimes I just watched the man sleep. Weird, I know. But I was on the verge of being obsessed with this man, and naturally, I wanted to have sex with him a lot!

Feeling this way about him in no way prepared me for the day he brought up the idea of adding a chastity element to our relationship. Now, at first I assumed that he was talking about him being the one cavorting about in a chastity cage. While I wasn’t all that thrilled with doing that, I was willing to go along with it if he really wanted to wear one of those things once in a while. However, the more he talked, it became clear that he was of the notion that it would be me who would be wearing these devices and he would be the designated Key Holder. I tried to reason with him because there was just no way that I was interested in having my penis restricted any in way.

As I said before, I loved sex and chastity seemed like it would be taking that away from me. Erick kept trying to explain how it would be really exciting and a lot of other words that I would never have assigned to a chastity lifestyle. Finally, I had to just flatly refuse. He wasn’t hearing me say no in all of those other ways that I was trying to do it politely. So I had no choice. This wasn’t going to happen with me and he needed to understand that. When I did make him understand, Erick got very quiet and then asked me if that was my final say on the matter. I replied that it was.

Apparently, a male chastity lifestyle was rather important to him because the next day he packed and left. I can’t tell you how much that hurt, not to mention how much I missed having sex with him. At first, I was pretty sure that no one would ever be able to replace Erick. Admittedly, I cried for days on end. There were even times that I was sure I had made a huge mistake by refusing to even consider what he wanted. After all, if I had agreed to wear one of those chastity devices, Erick would still be with me. But I couldn’t help thinking what a waste that would be if I wasn’t able to have sex with him.

Next, there was Jared. I had moved on from the incident and was out with friends at a great club one night. There was a man that I had made eye contact with almost immediately upon walking into the club. He wasn’t as gorgeous as Erick, but he certainly wasn’t too shabby. Finally, he sent a drink over to me by the bartender. I saluted him as a way of thanking him and gave him my most seductive smile. Eventually, we started talking and we became inseparable. That relationship lasted several months and we got along wonderfully. We had so much in common and the sex was amazing.

However, it wasn’t long before the past repeated itself and Jared started talking about practicing chastity. My heart sank as he started the conversation because I already knew where it was going. What I couldn’t figure out is why did these men keep doing this to me? Was I lacking in some way that they just had to have something so diverse thrown in? I had been told that I was pretty good in bed, or anywhere else that sex happened. So why was this whole chastity thing becoming such a big deal? I couldn’t understand it and, of course, Jared was already having visions of being the Key Holder and how he would control me.

I wasn’t going to be controlled through chastity or anything else. That’s what I tried to find a nice way to say to him. In fact, I even offered to go along with his desire as long as I would be the Key Holder. Something else I found out this time around is that these guys that are all amped about playing with chastity items aren’t excited about wearing them. As much as I cared for Jared, I simply couldn’t agree to something that I knew I would hate. So, once more, I offered to play the role of Key Holder if he was totally committed to doing this, but I made it clear that it wouldn’t happen any other way.

Jared exited much the same way that Erick had. If he couldn’t live the lifestyle the way he wanted it, then he would look elsewhere and find someone that was more in tune with his desires. Out the door he went and he never looked back. This one didn’t hurt as much as Erick, but it still bummed me out for a while.

Since I’m a pretty attractive guy, it didn’t take long to find Rob. I really had high hopes for my relationship with him. He was everything that I had always wanted in a man and he seemed to feel the same way about me. It was after we had celebrated our first anniversary together when he sat me down and started talking about male chastity. This time, I totally lost my mind along with my composure.

I demanded to know why so many guys thought that locking up our most precious route to pleasure was a great idea. Most likely, I kind of scared Rob but I really was fed up. To his credit, Rob did try to explain to me what it meant to him but all I could hear was him saying the same things I had already heard twice before. He wanted me to wear a chastity device and he would keep the key and make the decisions of when I would be allowed to have sex. I told him no, no and no!

So once more, the idea of a chastity lifestyle had led to the demise of my relationship. Rob packed up and I was alone once more. I stayed that way for quite a while this time around. I wasn’t excited about risking my heart getting shattered again. Going out with friends was about all I was interested in doing. There were some one night stands in there but I was staying far away from relationships. That’s why it took so long for me to hook up with Cameron. I must give total credit to him because he really pursued me even after I kept brushing him off.

That should give you an idea of just how special Cam is. However, he, too, brought up the idea of chastity. He must have seen the look on my face because immediately he sat down beside me and took my hand. All he wanted was to talk and he was more than willing to explain what he wanted. This time I didn’t feel ambushed. Cam gently explained that he only wanted to experiment and that we could switch off being the Key Holder. He could probably see that I still wasn’t convinced so he got his laptop and turned it on.

I was a little curious as to why he would need his laptop for this discussion but I didn’t say anything. The truth is that I was very happy with Cam and that I didn’t want to lose another man due to disagreeing with a lifestyle choice. He wanted to show me some male chastity items on a mens specialty website called At first, I was hesitant, but as he showed me the various chastity devices on this website, I started to become a bit interested in what I was seeing. These were actually rather sexy and hot looking.

I started to relax a little as Cam and I went through the various pages of chastity devices. In fact, we were starting to have fun in just reading the descriptions of what each device did as well as look at the photographs of the hot models that were wearing them. We even started bookmarking the ones we liked the best. Because of his gentleness and understanding, I was able to be more open minded about the whole experience.

Finally, I caved. As long as we were going to be switching off as to who would be the Key Holder, then I could agree to at least give it a shot. The look on Cam’s face when I said that was worth whatever might be coming. I laughed a bit and turned the laptop around so that I could see some more of the chastity items. I told him that he had to help me choose the perfect one for us to try. Then, if the experiment was successful, we would come back to and order more chastity devices.

The first device we decided to try was the Caged and Cuffed. This one is a very sexy golden device that not only looks great, but is effective without being painful. When it arrived in the mail from, I even volunteered to try it out first. That night, Cam and I took a very sexy shower together in preparation for my time in being locked away. He made sure to pay lots of attention to me and we were both very satisfied by the end of that shower. Then, we got out of the shower and toweled each other dry. He took me by the hand and we walked into our bedroom. It was time.

Cam took the Caged and Cuffed device and fitted it onto my penis. Once it was in place, he took the key and locked me in. He stood up and placed the key around a special chain that we had bought just for that purpose and put it around his neck. Leaning over, he kissed me gently on the mouth and we got into bed. I had to admit that it was a bit different trying to get comfortable laying down wearing the device, but it wasn’t a horrible experience. Cam put his arms around me from behind and we got into our favorite spooning position before going to sleep.

I have to admit to many fun experiences with the Caged and Cuff device. I do feel that it was because Cam knew how to handle things. We actually did switch around with the position of Key Holder and that made it even more fun. Eventually, we returned to the website and ordered a few more of their chastity items. Sometimes I think that if I had only known what I knew now about the chastity lifestyle, things would have been different. Of course, that meant that those other guys needed to have been more patient with me and not so demanding. That tells me that it all worked out the way it was meant to and that Cam is the man for me.

Anal Challenge

Most men who are flow into male chastity or are pushed into it end up enjoying or again are forced to partake in anal sex. Many women who force their men into male chastity are into sex using strap-on dildos on their men, many share their man with other women and men for forced femdom sex. Men who are forced into chastity are also forced into having sex with other men in front of their girlfriends, masters and wives. This is not about being gay it is about control and control is what male chastity is about. That said there are many men who either use by choice or are forced to use cages but do not participate in anal sex. Sometimes when a man needs to be trained to enjoy the pleasures of anal sex. The anal challenge hook is a great teaching tool but is also the perfect pleasure device for men and women skilled in anal sex. This is one of the few items that we offer that can be used by both men and women but by far most of the users are men. We have men who buy them for their own use, men who buy them for their lovers and many women who order them for their men. Many of the women ordering these hooks use them in chastity training and humiliation. This is a very intimidating product to use on a man who does not want any thing stuck up his ass but is going to be forced to take it. Again this in not being mean it is controlling and often times is a very loving experience.



Ring Master

When it comes to cock cages the Ring Master is the king of male chastity devices. It is the number one selling cock cage at Available in three ring sizes it’s main cock ring can handle men with the smallest cocks all the way up to the big boys and just about everything in between. This cock cage is built to stay on until your master, mistress, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend decides it is time for you to feel pleasure. Until that time the Ring Master design will keep you firmly and safely away from any sexual gratification. It style is simply awesome yet completely functional. When I first use this cage I was so excited my shaft was trying so hard to get hard but alas there was solid metal stopping its progress and no where for it to go. The Ring Master takes all your sexual control away from you at least you can still be nailed in the ass like the good little bitch you are.


Man Cave

This is a very extreme male chastity cage. It is a convertible unit allowing the end to be left open or closed up completely. Beautifully finished and once on there is no way to get it off without a key to the lock. The fit is snug and it is a unit designed to show at all times who is in control and who is being subject to strict chastity rules.


Ass Spark cock ring combo butt plug

There are interesting aspects to male chastity that are rarely talked about. One of the major issue of chastity is that the man who is subjected to it often becomes a poor lover. When the device is removed so he ca have sex there are issues of performance. Sometimes the man is so eager to be stimulated that premature ejaculation is a large problem for male chastity men. The Ass Spark combo cock ring anal plug is one of the most popular products short of medications to answer this problem. When using the Ass Spark the cock cage is removed and the shaft balls and anus  are lightly lubed, many times the penis will get instantly hard the moment it is touched as most people would understand once a cage is removed like any animal in the zoo remove the cage and it will run. Once the penis is lubed but no longer hard the balls are pulled through the ring one at a time then the shaft is forced through the ring. Effect the penis gets super hard but it also gives the man much more control over a premature ejaculation.

Then the large ball end is inserted into the lubed anus. For most men it is a very tight fit and for men who have never had anal sex you must go slow but be firm. For the Ass Spark to work properly it must be firmly pushed in all the way. With the pressure of the cock ring and the pressure of the anal plug even a man who has been ion a male chastity cage for a long period of time can control his erection. The major benefit s of using an Ass Spark are the women gets a much more satisfying experience, the man has much more control and best of all the orgasm once reached by the male is the most intense ever there fore needing fewer sexual encounters and forcing the man to stay longer periods of time in his cock cage. The other point is that it is a great tool to teach men about anal sex. Use this devices a number of times and your man should be able to handle an average sized penis or strap on dildo.



Half Pipe

The Half Pipe is one of my personal favorite cock cage designs. The short story is that my wife caught me cheating with a man a few years ago. Thank god she did not catch me with a girl that could have happened too. She decided to keep my but after talking to friends she said that one of the rules now would be that she keeps me in a male chastity cage. She picked out the Half Pipe which secretly I really liked the way it felt. It lets the end pop out once I get hard. It is one of the few male chastity units that let’s you get semi hard. My penis is on the small side but when the tip comes out I can at least stimulate it a little without the boss’s permission. It is a hard core unit. I have snuck a BJ here and there but there is very little to suck on and so far I have found it impossible to cum while wearing it. It looks great and every chance she gets she makes me show it to her friends and even new men she meets. That is another rule. She gets to have lovers and

She forces me to service them. She has allowed every new man to have anal sex with me while she watches, something I do not enjoy and she humiliates me by having me blow her girlfriends husbands and boy friends. Last week at a business meeting she made we attend with her she met a young guy about 21. She introduced me and told him he could have sex with her as long as he did me too. He was straight but she explained to him that

I was a controlled femdom slave and he should just enjoy the sex. He had his first anal sex with a man or women and he told me later the best blow job he ever had.

There are benefits to chastity just make sure the one who controls you doesn’t know!

Why are Chastity Products such a Turn On?
The main attraction of chastity products is the unique thrill that comes from restraining sexual urges, which can lead to a heightened sense of anticipation, pleasure and sexual desire. Chastity products are widely used in domination and light bondage play, as the cravings for sexual contact and release can be restrained or bound, and the ‘key’ to the chastity product can be given to a trusted lover or playmate who then has the power to release the restrained user to the completion of their pleasure only when they choose to. Chastity products can introduce a bit of extra spice to bedroom games, and is particularly arousing for those that have had a history of self denial and sexual repression, and there is a great sense of relief for many as their sexual cravings are effectively taken out of their hands when involved in games with chastity products, as their key master or mistress is calling the shots, and so this relieves them of any responsibility for their own actions during the game (greatly reducing any feelings guilt or shame at what they may perceive to be wild, promiscuous or perverse sexual gratification). For those that have spent a lifetime repressing their same sex attractions chastity products can be very sexually fulfilling and can also help many people to work through the psychological barriers they have imposed over their own sexuality. Chastity products can also be an incredible turn on for those with all kinds of sexual desires, and can be a fun and satisfying way to really boost the sex life of many couples.

Where Can I Buy Chastity Products?
There are many different kinds of chastity products for sale both in regular bricks and mortar sex shops and also from specialist online suppliers, and some chastity products are even customizable, so you can make sure you get the right fit and design to suit your individual shape and sexual needs. The key to chastity devices is that they restrain and bind the genitals, and for the most intense sexual play chastity belts and cages that have lockable systems are very popular, as you can literally hand over the key to your pleasure and gratification to your partner or playmate, for them to control at their own leisure. Chastity cages make great presents for that special lusty person in your life, and there are many excellent designs available for under $50 and some great deals online, so you can be sure to find something to suit any requirements or game play you have in mind.

Many chastity products are designed to be worn without regular clothing and visually and very graphically display your bound genitals, so are perfect for bedroom games or wearing out to some of the more extreme fetish and bondage nights that you may be interested in exploring. Some great chastity products that combine visual gratification with intense security include the Manless Ultra from Koalaswim ( which is just $59.99 and is a completely secure device that will effectively prevent any sexual contact with your genitals. The Manless Ultra has a clear plastic design and includes fully adjustable parts so that you can get the perfect fit whatever size you are, and if you are interested in playing sex denial games or just simply want to enjoy the complete restraint of a fully secure chastity system then this is the perfect product for you at a very affordable price. has a number of other seriously hot chastity products that can take you and your partner to new heights of pleasure including:
• Man Slave, $34.00 – this intricate ringed suit can be a bit tricky to put on, but the pleasure you will receive from binding you or your partner’s genitals securely will more than make up for all the effort. The man slave is a system of rings that will bind and separate your penis and testicles, and your shaft is pulled through three rings so that only the head is free, and the main ring secures firmly around the base to hold your manhood in place. Each testicle is held tight by its own separate ring, leaving your genitals securely bound until you or your playmate decides its time to release you.
• Prison Break, $36 – another cleverly designed ring suit which effectively restrains and binds your manhood, the Prison Break has small metal rings that encircle the head of your shaft, firmly applying pressure as your erection grows creating an unbelievably sensual feeling of repression and orgasm denial. Two sets of rings are attached to straps that can be carefully wrapped around the rest of the shaft to create a stunningly erotic package for you and your playmate to enjoy.
• Testosterone Pouch, $24 – the great thing about this pouch is that it can be worn under clothes or as an eye catching swim and tanning suit, and the adjustable base strap not only holds your genitals tightly in place, creating that sense of restraint that all the best chastity products provide, but it also lifts and pushes forward your manhood, so that your package looks huge and just about ready to explode out of the fabric. The testosterone pouch is a seriously sexy item of swimwear that will certainly get a lot of attention around the pool or down on the beach.
• Penile Colony, $33 – this hugely erotic metal ring suit is designed to display your shaft to the ultimate level of pleasure/pain and has five separate rings that bind and restrain your equipment, whilst an adjustable strap can be cinched as tightly as you can bear down on your testicles to create that truly arousing sensation of complete restraint and sexual domination.
• Fetish Whore, $34 – fetish and bondage attractions link closely with chastity products, and this erotic design combines a visual feast of a stunning g-string suit with the secure restraint of metal rings and Lycra straps to bind and constrain your manhood and repress release.
• Fantasy Feast, $34 – this total penis and testicle display suit combines the erotic sensation of rings and Lycra straps, which encompass your shaft and head and separate each ball, cinching tightly to create incredible feelings of constraint and also creating a visual feast for your partner or playmate.
• Micro Bitch Bikini, $33 – the secret of this seriously hot bikini is that it features a unique front to rear cock ring, which pulls your shaft down and under, restraining it firmly between your legs for an intense feeling of binding and denial. The Micro Bitch Bikini is one of the smallest bikini fronts on the market, so a full wax is certainly recommended, and also works and an anal spreader for those brave enough to put all of their wares on display.
• Plugged Up, $44 – this amazing product combines a number of sexual desires from bondage to chastity and is not for the faint hearted as it includes an incredibly erotic thong design that is held in place by a special butt plug (choose from the beginner 3 inch design or more experienced 6 inch model). Plugged Up can be worn as sexy underwear or swimwear, and as you parade your tight butt down on the beach or around the pool only you will know that you are experiencing full penetration from the rear plug holding your thong in place, and the erotic sensations that can arise from denying yourself from touching your genitals whilst in public, but at the same time being sensually penetrated from behind by the plug can be truly mind blowing. Plugged Up is the ultimate word in erotic swimwear design and if you have the courage to try it out you could be in for one of the most intensively erotic experiences of your life.

It is easy to order cock cages and other devices from and payment and delivery is guaranteed to be discreet, so that all of your purchases are kept confidential until you want to show them off. also provides a regular newsletter, so that you can find out about all of the latest sexy swimwear and erotic fetish and chastity products that are available on the website.

Mens swimwear, fetish wear, male chastity products, penis stretching, jelq units, stainless steel anal toys and so much more!

Turn up the Heat with Male Chastity Products
There can be many reasons why the denial of sexual release is a real turn on for lots of people, and chastity products for both men and women are an essential part of the erotic toys and accessories market, being designed not only to effectively repress sexual gratification, but also to look and feel highly arousing when worn. Male chastity products are particularly inventive and there are a whole host of chastity cages, sleeves and ring suits that bind the penis and balls creating an intense feeling of servitude and control, which can be a very erotic turn on when combined with sexual play and domination games. For example many men’s chastity cages come complete with lockable sections, and the key can be given to a key mistress or master for the evening, and only they can decide if and when the wearer is allowed to at last have their sexual release, or maybe not at all!
Male chastity devices

Chastity Products and Masturbation
It is not only through sex games that men’s chastity products are used and enjoyed. Many men also feel very comfortable wearing chastity belts, sleeves and other products under their everyday clothes, and find the sensation of being completely denied any kind of sexual gratification, whether it is with another person or through masturbation very fulfilling. There are a number of chastity products such as the Brutal Cage ($59) from that can lock the penis into a effective barrier against sexual activity, but will also allow the wearer to urinate when they need to, and these erotic men’s chastity products can be worn in comfort for long periods of time, satisfying any intense needs for sexual repression. There are also some men (and women) who have a real issue with masturbation, finding it highly erotic to touch and stimulate themselves in public places or in front of others. This can be a serious concern as in most countries these acts are illegal and against public decency, even if done discreetly, and in this case a chastity product that completely prevents all sexual activity, particularly masturbation can be a useful training aid to help turn around patterns of embarrassing sexual behavior and help those people that feel compelled to masturbate in public to find other ways to channel their sexual energy.

Chastity Products and Sexuality
Chastity products are enjoyed by straight, bi and gay men, but researchers into sexuality have found that there is generally a higher level of interest for chastity products and sex games amongst gays and lesbians. There are some compelling psychological reasons why this may be true, and the main drive behind the desire for denial of sexual gratification is thought to stem from the difficulties gays and lesbians face when growing up in predominantly straight societies, and the sense of not just sexual, but also social isolation that is experienced by many teenagers as they try to comes to terms with their sexuality. Both gays and lesbians face the unique problem of being rejected by their same sex peers on two levels, both of which can be very damaging to their confidence. The first is one that all children and teenagers face, of being rejected because they are ‘not cool enough’ or don’t fit in with the norm. The second is that gays and lesbians face the additional problem of being attracted to their same sex peers, and
so not only can they be rejected on a social level, but they can also be rejected sexually, which can be very hurtful and humiliating and can cause them to repress their sexuality and deny feelings they have for others of the same sex. It can be very difficult for youngsters growing up to feel attracted to a member of their own sex, and the confusion of these feelings which are deemed to be outside the norm of the societies they live in can be intensified by the knowledge that they could be hurt not just by the rejection, but also by the revelation that they made any such advances in the first place. Intolerance of sexuality can be a difficult restriction to live under and can cause such a deep seated level of sexual repression that many gays and lesbians will try and live out straight sex lives, even going so far as to get married and have children with opposite sex partners, living all the while with the deep secret knowledge that they are in truth attracted to the same sex. This sexual repression is a form of mental chastity product, and blocks any kind of meaningful sexual activity, which can lead to an unfulfilling and unsatisfied life.

Men’s chastity products can be an incredible turn on, and create a unique thrill that comes from being aroused, but knowing you are unable to ultimately get any sexual gratification. This leads to a heightened awareness of pleasure fuelled by anticipation, and this can lead to very fulfilling sexual encounters as instead of the feeling of rushing through sex to achieve orgasmic release, each person will be concentrating on what is happening at that moment, enjoying each and every intimate sensation and taking the time to really explore and understand sexual desire. Male chastity products are also ideal for those that enjoy domination style sex games, as the wearer can literally hand over the key to their sexual fulfillment to their master or mistress, and this will enable them to experience complete sexual servitude which many find to be an irresistible turn on.

Male chastity products can be a real turn on for those men that have experienced sexual denial for much of their lives, as they can effectively lock away their sexuality, and hand the key for it over to another person. This means that they will no longer be responsible for their own sexual gratification, and this can promote an incredible sense of relief, especially if they have ever felt their sexuality to be a burden. They are not longer in charge of their desire and pleasure, and so they can truly let themselves go and enjoy what comes next, no matter how wild or perverse it may normally seem to them. This kind of release is very special, and even if the chastity product is kept on and actual orgasm is never granted (as in many cases), the wearer can feel an amazing sense of mental and emotional release that can be extremely satisfying and rewarding.

Chastity products can also be a great turn on for those that do not have any issues with sexual repression and can be used as fun toys and accessories that can put a hot bit of spice into the sex lives of straight, bi and gay couples.

Choosing Chastity Products for Men
There are a wide number of male chastity products for sale and you can buy these from regular sex shops and also from online adult clothing and erotic toys and accessory suppliers. Men’s chastity products come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes, from lockable chastity cages and pipe designs through to sleeves and ring suits. Lockable designs are ideal for domination style sex games, as they enable the wearer to give the key to a playmate to create highly arousing control based encounters, and sleeves, belts and ring style chastity products can also be worn under everyday clothing to create intense feelings of sexual denial. Chastity products can make great gifts for that special playmate in your life, and you can find some highly arousing, good quality designs in a range of materials from clear plastic through to metal in regular sex shops and from online suppliers such as from around just $50. When you are choosing men’s chastity products it is a good idea to opt for designs with adjustable components, as all men are different shapes and sizes and you will want to ensure a tight, but comfortable fit that truly gives that feeling of inescapable denial, and it is also important to look out for those designs that look arousing too, to provide the most intense experience for both the wearer and their playmates.

Buying Male cock cages, cock gear and anal gear provides an excellent range of high quality, affordable male chastity products which combine visual gratification with an intensely arousing sensation of complete sexual repression from just $59.99. It is easy to buy male chastity products using your credit or debit card with’s secure online payment portal, and both payment and delivery options offers discreet service, so that only you and your chosen playmates know you have purchased men’s chastity products. Top designs from Koala.swim include:
• The Brutal Cage $59.99 – this lockable men’s chastity device is made from a sexy and seriously secure smoothly finished heavy gauge metal, which surrounds the shaft to provide complete control of sexual activity. This stunning design not only feels seriously arousing to wear, but also looks incredibly erotic and creates an intense feeling of complete domination and sexual repression. You cannot have intercourse, oral sex or even masturbate when wearing the Brutal Cage, and your pleasure will be entirely in the hands of your playmate, and another great bonus is that this chastity product does allow you to urinate, so it can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.
• Half Pipe $59.99 – this is another of’s sexy lockable men’s chastity products, and is offers a truly unique half pipe metal design which encloses the main shaft, denying sexual release, but leaves the head exposed to allow your playmate to tease and distress the sensitive, exposed tip in some seriously naughty and playful ways. The Half Pipe looks amazing when on, with its solid, futuristic fetish design and even in the aroused state the wearer will not be able to achieve release, but can enjoy the incredible sensations of being aroused but sexually inhibited at the same time.
• Manless Ultra $59.99 – this stunning clear cage design offers wearers with a comprehensive male chastity system which completely encloses the whole penis, creating an incredibly effective gratification repression system which prevents any kind of sexual contact with the shaft and head. The Manless Ultra offers adjustable parts so it can be adapted to suit any shape and size for the most comfortable, or most uncomfortable fit – however you like it! This chastity product is ideal for those seriously into pleasure control, and is the perfect sexual gratification denial system for you or your favorite sexual deviant.
• Man Slut Cock Cage $59.00 – this great lockable men’s chastity system secures the penis away from sexual contact, and makes it impossible for the wearer to achieve release. Ideal for those naughty sex games with you chosen playmate the Man Slut Cock Cage looks and feels incredible, and puts the wearer in a complete state of sexual control, whilst still allowing an erection and can also allow urination so it can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.
• Micro Bitch Bikini, $33 – if you are interested in a product that can be worn discreetly under everyday clothes, then why not try a micro bikini such as the Micro Bitch by This intense little bikini features a unique front to rear cock ring, which you can use to fasten your cock securely between your legs, restraining it all the time you are wearing the bikini and creating an intense feeling of repression and denial. This is not a lockable type of chastity product, but it does look seriously hot on and not only creates a feeling of sexual denial but also achieves an emasculating, smooth front effect that can be seriously arousing.

If you are interested in male chastity products then you can find nearly everything you need quickly and discreetly online from websites such as, allowing you to experience the intense pleasure and fulfillment of sexual denial when and where you want it. Men’s chastity products can boost your sex life and help achieve sexual fulfillment for you and your playmate, and are ideal for domination and control games.

Male chastity

Benefits of Male Chastity

Male chastity was sort of an offshoot of the BDSM lifestyle without being as extreme. Men actually got tired of being in charge all the time. They WANTED to be controlled whether it was by their wives, girlfriends, or boyfriends. These men just wanted to sit back and be told what to do, how to do it and when to do it. This took the control away from them and they were just fine with that because it meant that they didn’t have to make any important decisions. Someone else had taken that away from them and they were quite happy about it.

After a while, just telling these types of men what to do wasn’t enough. A new way of controlling them had to be found. Then chastity came into the picture. This was an entirely new and highly effective way to keep men under control. It made all sorts of sense because, after all, what better way to control a man than through his penis? It’s especially true when it comes to telling a man when he can and can’t use his penis for pleasure. For some reason, that’s something that men who enjoy giving over control of themselves really enjoy. In fact, they like it so much that there are now devices that are created for that exact purpose.

Centuries ago, it was women that wore contraptions called chastity belts, which were meant to ensure that they would be faithful while their husbands were away fighting wars. Chastity devices are made with this same idea in mind only it’s more of a game rather than a serious undertaking. The thing is, though, that men involved in chastity games need to take the entire exercise quite seriously or it doesn’t accomplish what it’s meant to. Men that willingly wear these devices are giving over the keys that lock and unlock them over to their partners. It is the key holder that decides when the wearer of the device gets to enjoy sexual release. Taking this decision out of the man’s hands is the ultimate in control.

There are some cases of male chastity where it’s not done for pleasure and relaxation. Some men just can’t seem to keep their pants zipped when it comes to being faced with temptation. Their partners then invest in chastity devices so that they can keep their men in check. The partners, of course, carry the keys to these devices and that ensures that their men won’t be indulging in any unseemly behavior such as cheating with the first available individual that comes along.

Now, if you’re a man that wants to be able to have control taken away from you for relaxation, or if you’re with a man that can’t keep his cock in his pants to save his life, you may be curious about where to purchase high quality and effective devices. You’ll be amazed when you look online at all the websites that are set up to sell such things. However, the problem may be in finding the best of these websites to purchase your devices. The good news is that it’s not going to be so difficult, after all. You can simply go straight to, which is the number one website for mens swimsuits, bikinis, thongs, and even fetish wear. In addition, some of the most innovative and affordable chastity devices for men can be found right here.

Michael David is the professional designer for and he brings his more than 20 years’ experience to all of his creations that he makes available for sale on the website. He has an innate understanding of exactly what men of all walks of life want. This includes the type of devices that are preferable to the men that live this lifestyle. Michael has created some of the greatest chastity devices imaginable, and you’ll agree once you see exactly what his imagination has produced.

A couple of very important things that need to be taken into consideration are the comfort and ease of wearing these for the men that must wear their devices 24/7. The material of these devices is important just for this reason. You see, the only time devices like these are removed is when the key holder deems that it’s ok to do so. That means you’ll be doing such things as showering, swimming and peeing with your chastity device in place. It’s for this reason that you’ll need to be very particular about the device you choose. For instance, materials such as leather usually aren’t a good idea if you’re going to be wearing your device all the time. Leather has a tendency to make you sweat in that area of your body and the sweat tends to make the leather smell unpleasant. People would KNOW that you were wearing SOMETHING other than just underwear.

That’s why has many chastity devices that are made out of various metals that will be safe and comfortable for you to wear all day long. Obviously, your key holder will need to permit you to remove your device on a regular basis for such things as cleaning and checking for any odd rashes. The last thing you want to have happen is to develop some sort of allergy to the device and have to head to your doctor’s office. Granted, doctors have seen everything in their line of work, but it’s still not going to be that comfortable explaining where you got that really horrible, itchy rash from. So you’ll just want to avoid that situation altogether.

Now, there are also many men that choose to practice a chastity lifestyle on their own because they don’t have partners or anyone in their lives to turn over that key to. These men still need a way to purchase chastity devices and works for them, too. Of course, since they get to be their own key holders, they can pretty much choose any type of style or material they want as they can remove the device whenever they need to. It’s probably even better to be your own key holder as long you play fair. You can do things such as leave your key at home or at least in a place that you have to make an effort to reach. That will keep you from simply taking off the device whenever the mood hits you. On the other hand, if you leave it somewhere accessible, such as your car, you can always run out and get the key if needed.

Chastity devices that you’ll find on are of the utmost quality. What this means for you is that any of the devices you purchase from there will not only be comfortable to wear but also safer because of the types of materials used in creating the devices. That should take quite a load off of you because you know from this website that you can choose any of the devices that you may fancy without worrying about whether or not it’s going to be overly painful to you or give you a rash.

Speaking of pain, obviously one of the things that many devices are meant to do is deliver a certain amount of pain to the men wearing them. Now, that doesn’t mean that the pain needs to be constant or even intense. The exception to the intensity rule, however, is that it’s SUPPOSED to hurt when a man wearing a chastity device attempts to get an erection. That is, after all, the entire purpose for these devices. When something excites you, for example, and your penis is responding in kind, your trusty device will kick in and prevent you from becoming fully erect. The reason the erection doesn’t make it to the full standing at attention stage is because the device is causing it to hurt the harder it becomes.

It’s for the reason of this prevention that many partners will slap a chastity device on their less than trustworthy men. The partners know that if the men are tempted in any way to be unfaithful, the device will keep that from happening. The only way that their men can cheat on them while wearing a chastity device is if the device is removed, and the device cannot be removed except by the key. Since the partners are the ones in charge of keeping the keys, it’s not likely that they’re going to hand them over so the device can be removed and the man can cheat. So, you see how that works? It’s clear why this method of keeping a man honest usually proves to be quite successful.

Surprisingly enough, there are many men in the world that begin experimenting in the chastity lifestyle as sort of a lark only to find that they truly enjoy relinquishing control. They even go so far as to buy a device and present their key holder with the key to the device as a necklace. The key is hanging from a very nice chain that’s of the same metal as the key. It’s an amazing gift because the man is telling his partner that he holds the key to the success or failure of the device he’s wearing. The key holder, usually, then wears that key all the time; even if it’s just under his shirt. This says a lot about the commitment that a couple has to each other. understands that men committed to the lifestyle of being confined in a chastity device are very serious about their choice to live this way. That may have a lot to do with why Michael takes such pains and care with his designs for these devices. He wants the men that buy them to be able to get the full experience that each one has to offer. His devices are created with the knowledge that what they provide is vital to the men that choose them. This is something that you’ll find in each one of these items.

Something else that might surprise you and make you even more confident of buying your chastity devices from is that Michael tests out each of his designs personally. It doesn’t matter whether it is bikinis, thongs, G-strings or fetish wear, he tries them all out. That’s how dedicated he is to ensuring that all of his designs are perfect. If Michael isn’t one hundred percent satisfied with a design, he starts all over with it. This is also true with  chastity items. That knowledge should make you feel even better about purchasing your devices from because you must know that not all designers can claim that they’ve personally tried out each and every design they come up with.

Chastity items all have the same express purpose, that being to not engage in sex. What you learn from these devices is self-discipline and control. For many men, these are two qualities that can completely change their lives. It’s not all about their partners being superior to them. In fact, most men wouldn’t even agree with that train of thought. No, when it comes to chastity devices and the men that wear them, it’s more about learning to control themselves and letting that control grant them excitement that they’ve never known once they’re allowed out of the devices to enjoy sexual release.



Tiny penis sizes

One of the hottest trends in the male chastity universe is the ultra micro cock cages. These are tiny cages for men with extremely small to small penis sizes. Traditionally men with small cocks have had an extremely hard time trying to get fit with a male chastity cage. Most cages made for normal sized men will literally just fall off of smaller men.  It is a funny issue since so many men that are forced into male chastity and even ones that go in on their own tend to have smaller penis sizes. The company Male chastity store has specialized in cock cages for small penis sizes. They have cages that will handle shafts of ½” or less and that is smaller than most men or women have ever seen. Hugo Dee who handles the merchandising there says they have questions from new customers all the time and they help them all. No cock is too small at the chastity store!

Working with Male Chastity Devices


One of the things that you are going to want to get used to while wearing your male chastity device is those long days in the office. Any guy out there that is interested in wearing a device like this will want to wear it for as long as possible, and that means you are going to have to wear it to work. Now, this can be quite an entertaining thing for most men, but you are going to have to get used to the way they fit before you head out that door.

Your device is going to become a bit uncomfortable for you if you wear it to work the first day you get it. Of course, if you are one of those guys that has worn these devices for a few years, then you won't have as many problems that you have to go through, but if this is your first time wearing one, then you will find that there are certain times during the day where they are unbearable. You need to be able to wear your device around the house for a few days first in order to get used to them.

I find that in purchasing new chastity devices from, I need to try them out for a few hours as a way of breaking them in a bit. I could probably go ahead and just wear them all day long like I have been doing with all the other devices that I have purchased over the years, but I like to try them out before I get into a situation where I can't take them off without people noticing. That is extremely important if you are trying to keep the fact that you are wearing one a secret.

I usually plan my days off around wearing different devices that I have purchased recently. In this way, I can focus a couple of hours on one device at a time and not have to worry about how they are going to fit. I have had a few issues in the past with my device not fitting perfectly and needing constant adjustments throughout the day, depending on what I am doing. I would hate to have to go through something like that while I was at work.

There might be a few men in the world thinking that having to adjust their cock cage devices while working would be part of the fun of wearing one, but for the job I do, it would be highly noticeable and would cause a lot of questions to be raised. I feel that it would be better if I get all the kinks and adjustments done while no one was around, and the only place I can do that is at home. In this way, my secret stays safe and I don’t have to worry about losing my job if someone finds out what I am doing.

You see I am a corporate professional that tends to have a lot of meetings with personnel, and I need to make sure that my chastity device is not showing in any way. If the people that worked for me along with the higher ups found out that I was wearing something like this all the time, it would probably be the end of my career, and that isn't something that I want to have happen these days. There are probably a lot of guys out there that have jobs along the same lines that they don’t want to lose as well.

Some people just don’t understand the reasons behind wearing male chastity devices. They always think that it has something to do with S&M type sexual applications, but it doesn’t. Granted, there are a lot of guys out there that use them in bondage based sexual experiences, but that doesn’t mean all devices are used in that manner. They use handcuffs and rope in those situations as well, so does that mean every time you purchase a bit of rope you are going to be tied up and spanked by a leather clad Mistress or Master?

If more people could only come to the realization that there are other aspects to wearing chastity devices, then the guys that wear them could live happily without being forced to hide from the public view. There are times when all I want to do is run out into the street wearing nothing but my device and screaming at the top of my lungs how comfortable I am in keeping my cock in check. Of course, I would probably be arrested the second I hit the street, but it would be quite entertaining for anyone that might be there watching at that time.

But since the world is pretty much staying in the dark ages as far as things like cock cage devices are concerned, I have to keep things under wraps, and that can be a bit annoying at times. While you can walk down the street without too many people figuring out that you are wearing something like this, wearing them to work where people tend to see you every day is a bit harder to do. They tend to know the way you walk, and if you are walking funny, they will definitely pick up on this and start asking you what’s wrong.

I have had quite a few employees asking me if I was okay when I wore a new chastity device to work without breaking it in first. That is a conversation that you really don’t want to have with anyone if you can help it. I always have to come up with something about working out too much or hurting myself somehow. Of course, you have to remember which story you used if you get asked by another person on the same day and that can get overly complicated, too, if you are busy.

Wearing your device from should be one of the easiest decisions you ever have to make in your life. There shouldn’t have to be any second guessing of any kind when it comes to your happiness and comfort, although that isn't always the case. Sometimes, I will sit there and wonder if I should or should not be wearing one of my devices when I head off to work. I have to figure out what it is I might have to do during the day, and whether or not I can get away with wearing it.

You see, if I am going to be in meetings all day, then I will gladly don my chastity device so that I can sit there in comfort. But if I am planning on doing a lot of travel to other offices, then I tend to forgo the effort of putting on my device because it starts to become a bit uncomfortable for me. Now this may not happen all that much with you when you are traveling, but I need to have a bit of freedom down there when I travel, and my device usually takes that freedom away.

I have also found that it is extremely important to not wear your cock cage devices if you are planning on flying anywhere. Airport security does not take kindly to guys that are wearing metal cages around their cocks when you try to pass through the screening points. It doesn’t matter how early you get to the airport for the security checks if your crotch keeps setting the alarms off all the time. You can either wait until you get back home to wear it or check it in your luggage and put it on when you get to the hotel that you are staying at.

You should also be aware that wearing your devices at certain functions can become a bit uncomfortable as well. I have had plenty of business dinners that ended up having me running into the bathroom to take my device off. There are just times when wearing something like that ends up causing more problems than it is actually worth. That doesn’t mean you can't try it out as it might be a bit different for you but, for me, I have to plan ahead in order to be comfortable enough to wear it out in public.

I have found that there are some devices that work out very well when being worn out in public, and then there are some that are fairly hard to keep concealed. You need to make sure the ones you are wearing out in public are easy for you to keep hidden unless you want everyone around you knowing what you are wearing under your clothes. Some guys don’t particularly care if anyone knows if they are wearing a device or not, but there are a lot of guys that would prefer to keep it between them and their partners.

I have found that it is important for you to have your partner help you out in choosing your male chastity devices from My partner loves to help me browse through the selections and pick out the ones that are going to suit me the best. It's almost like a bonding moment between the two of us, and we always end up with a great understanding of how each of us perceives the world around us when we do things like this. If you have a partner, you might want to consider doing the same thing so that you can strengthen your relationship.

It's not easy to admit to yourself that you need to wear chastity devices all the time. In fact, I had a very hard time coming to the realization that what I was missing most in my life was a cage that I could lock my cock up into all day long. Sometimes I wonder why it took me so long to figure out that I needed one of these devices in order to really start living my life in a way that makes me happy. Maybe you should give it a try, too.

Being happy is one of those things that a lot of guys don’t get a chance at until it's too late. If you want to see what true happiness is all about, then you really need to pick out a device from Okay, that may not give you true happiness in itself, but you are going to find that you end up with a higher self-control and more confidence in your life that will lead to true happiness later on. That is more than worth the effort you have to go through to pick out the device that will fit you best.

You could do any number of things in your life and never find the comfort that wearing a device can give to you as well. Some guys love the feel of leather seats in their new cars or a comfortable chair to watch the game in, but I prefer to have my metal cage safely concealing my cock from the world around me. To me, that is all the comfort that I actually need in order to live a content life that is stress free and happy.

When you take all of that into consideration and wear your chastity device from to work, then you are getting the best possible opportunity to advance in your career like never before. Sure, hard work will make you successful, but how are you going to enjoy all that success if you aren't happy in what you are wearing? Now, if you were wearing your cock cage, then you could enjoy all that success any way you wanted and still feel as free as the day you were born. Most guys wouldn’t even consider doing something like that, but then, I am not like most guys and you probably aren't like them, either, when it comes right down to it.

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