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For many men, there are few things in life that are as much fun as wearing male chastity devices throughout the day. Now, there are plenty of options that you can choose from when it comes to picking out your device. I have found that the ones that look the least complicated are a great option for those guys that are new to the chastity fetish lifestyle. That doesn’t mean you can't get some of those devices that have all the bells and whistles with them, but the least complicated ones are the easiest to put on and wear the first time.

I used to sit around and check out all the devices online but was never sure which one I should purchase. I spent months deciding on the device that I thought would be the best for the first time but, once I finally purchased one, it was too complicated to put on correctly, and I found that it wasn’t as comfortable as I might have thought it would be. This is a very common thing that happens with guys and their first devices. That shouldn’t keep you from buying one, though, as the right one for you is just around the corner.

You can go to and find all kinds of great cock gear devices that you can wear. Their website is geared for the first time user that isn’t exactly sure which way they should go when it comes to this fascinating fetish. They also have some of the highest quality items you could ever find without having to pay the price that you would have to shell out on other sites. This means you can purchase a couple different devices that you want to try out and you won't feel that you have gone bankrupt in the process.

You are going to find that a lot of sites out there are charging an arm and a leg for their cock gear devices, but would rather you have the quality that a professional designer can give to you without the prices those other sites seem to think you will pay for them. By giving you devices straight from the designer, you are getting a much better price than those sites that purchase from a designer and then have to jump the price up in order to make any kind of profit off of selling it.

So what do you do once you have found your first chastity device from Now, there are plenty of fun things that you can do with your device. You will find that a lot of the guys that have a strong fetish for chastity will wear their devices day in and day out for weeks on end. That may not be something you are interested in doing at first, but once you get used to the way your device feels, you can quickly change your mind on that. That is one of the best things about these devices; they will change your mind.

You should be aware that some clothes don’t exactly match well with various male chastity devices. You are going to find that some of those devices you want to wear are going to really stick out if you are wearing tight clothing like Spandex over them. The good news is that you can usually find an excellent device from that will fit nicely under your clothing so that you don’t have to worry about people seeing it and wondering what is wrong with your crotch every time you happen to walk past them.

By finding a device that will fit under your clothing, you will be able to have your love of chastity with you even at work. Of course, you have to consider what it is you do for a living as well because some jobs will require you to purchase different styles of devices depending on your physical actions at work. Anyone that spends most of their day sitting behind a desk can pretty much wear whatever they like, but if you are spending most of your day doing physical labor with a lot of bending at the waist, you will need to think ahead on which device you should buy.

I happen to be one of those guys that sit at a desk all day long and I don’t have to worry too much about what kind of cock gear device I need to purchase. As long as I like the style and how it fits, then I am usually able to wear it at work whenever I want to. A friend of mine, however, works in construction and has found that some of those devices at are fairly difficult to wear while he is running around with a hammer.

Depending on the work you do, you will need to figure out which cock cage device is going to work out for you and your needs. Of course, you can always go to and pick out something that you can wear at work and another one that you can wear when you are at home. In this way, you can find something that is comfortable no matter what you are doing during the day or night. You might even find one that you can wear for special occasions with your partner if you are with someone.

I have found a particular style of penis cage device that I can wear all the time without having to worry about it becoming uncomfortable or noticeable by anyone that I don’t want knowing what I am wearing. Although there HAVE been a few times that I have shown someone my device and they were a bit taken aback by it, but that is their loss really. I love wearing my device and I am not interested in anything that anyone else has to say about it, especially all those negative people out there that think I am some kind of a freak.

There are a lot of guys in the world that think wearing things like devices makes you less of a man. Remember, though, that these are the same guys that don’t understand the sexual gratification you can get from having a fetish like this. You need to understand that wearing a device that keeps you from getting an erection is all about control and either you taking it or giving it to another person. This means that both submissives and dominants can enjoy the pleasure and fun of wearing one of these fascinating devices for themselves.

You just have to be willing to look past the part that this is essentially a sexual device and not some toy that you can use for a few hours once a week. In order to get the full effect of what a chastity fetish can give to you, you will need to wear your device for at least a week or so, non-stop. If you don’t have the willingness to go through with that, then you should probably stick to the lighter side of things and stay away from this kind of a hardcore fetish. has made it extremely easy for me to find my device and I would highly recommend that anyone out there that is looking for something exciting to wear, go to their website. You are going to find all kinds of people that are into the chastity fetish lifestyle that will tell you this website is the best possible place for you to start your little exploration. The adventure is a part of this fetish that you will definitely enjoy, and you will look forward to it every time you need to find a new device to satisfy your needs.

I have found that the early morning hours are some of the most interesting to be wearing a cock gear device. Every guy on the planet knows what happens when you are asleep in the early morning hours, but few of them know what it’s like during that time to be wearing something like one of these devices. There is an extreme build-up of pressure that you have to get used to first thing in the morning, and that can be a very difficult task if you aren't used to wearing your device for long periods of time.

The fact that wearing this type of male chastity cock cage throughout the night makes a lot of guys uncomfortable is nothing new. There are quite a lot of men that can wear anything during the day, but when it comes to night time they can't even wear underwear when they are sleeping. If you are one of these guys, then you are going to have to try your hardest to be comfortable with wearing a device from all night. It’s going to take you some time, to be sure, but you should be able to manage it after a couple of nights.

Once you get used to wearing your cock cage device, you will be able to go out and have all the fun you ever had before. The only difference is that you will need to be a bit more conscious about the fact that you can't get an erection. That won't actually stop you from trying, though, so be careful what kind of fun you are looking for or you might end up in a bit of pain. I have had plenty of nights where I ended up having to take my device off just to let it breathe a bit.

It doesn’t matter what kind of fun you enjoy having, wearing a male chastity device will only make it better than ever. In fact, there are few things in life that you can't do while wearing one of your devices.  One of those things you can't do would be going through the security at the airport. If you are planning on flying anywhere, then you should think about checking your device in your luggage so that you can make it through the security check without any hassles. Trust me; this can turn a great day into something you never want to go through ever again.

If you are planning a fun day out with your penis control device, then you should consider just how much physical activity you are going to be taking part in and what kind of material your device is made from. If you have a lot of leather in your device, then physical activity is going to make you sweat, and that means your leather is going to become slippery. You are also going to need to clean it pretty well when you get home due to the smell that it can get from the sweat.

Metal cock cage devices are going to tend to cut into your skin in places if you aren't careful. Just make sure that whatever fun you are planning to have, you take along the appropriate device. You don’t need to worry so much if you are just going out to the clubs for the night, though. You can wear anything that will look good under your clothing in that instance. In fact, I have three different devices that I like to wear while I am out clubbing and each one has its own secret purpose that I only tell to the right people.

Having fun with your special devices from is an important part of wearing them. You can't just expect to stay home wearing a cage over your cock and have any fun. You have to get out there and actually enjoy living your life while wearing a device that locks you up nice and secure. If you can do that, then anything you attempt to do is going to end up being fun for you. There is no stopping you when you can have fun no matter what kind of device you are wearing, especially when you don’t care if anyone notices or not. That is when you get to have the most fun of all and let everyone stare at you in the process.



How Chastity Products for Sex Changed My Life

I got home at exactly 11:59 in the evening on the first day of summer in search for an adventure. I changed to my pajamas and just before I closed my eyes, I took out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote my plans for the two long months of vacationing. I had plans of traveling in different cities and of course I was looking forward to spending some time with my friends. I knew too that I will have some time to visit the bookstore and perhaps have a coffee while I’m there.

I finished my list of things to do for the summer in less than five minutes all because I have already pictured what I will be doing. My imagination is pretty powerful too, you must know. When I imagine things, it feels like they will really happen for real and when I imagine things, I will usually dream of some kind of continuation on the same night I thought of it. I am an artist in my own rite so it is understandable for me to have crazy thoughts. I love how crazy they are because they take me to different places. But no one knows exactly what runs through my imagination.

Going back to my list of plans for the summer, I wrote on the very last number of six that I have to get laid. It will be my first because I have set up very high standards. I can consider myself choosy all because I have lived a very fulfilled and meaningful life and wouldn’t want to just lose everything I’ve worked hard for by some random guy I meet in some random place I don’t have any plans of visiting again. But this summer, I am looking forward to letting myself slip loose so I will definitely get laid no matter what it takes.

When I woke up the next morning to a brand new very sunny day, I was looking forward to go out of the house and start ticking off lists on my things to do. Today’s plan is simply to go the bookstore, grab a book that I can read while drinking something refreshing and then leave with some more books in tow. And when I got to the bookstore, I sat right beside the window. I was reading a book by my favorite author but kept feeling distracted because of all the cars honking as they passed the streets of NYC.

After reading my way up to the fourth chapter, my head bowed down to my book, my hands clasping it intently from too much anticipation, I saw brown suede shoes walk slowly into the bookstore. My heart skipped a beat and I immediately understood that today will have tons of possibilities. And when I looked up, it was a boy I’ve met in school. We are from the same college of study and I have had my hots for him. He’s good looking, fair skinned, high nose, high cheekbones, thin lips, gorgeous eyse, and everything else is perfect. The only problem is that he’s straight.

Since I consider myself quite androgynous, I never really had to explain myself to anyone and no one really bothered to ask whether or not I am gay. I wouldn’t consider myself gay. Rather, I’d consider myself androgynous. I like how that sounds better and I know for sure that I am just that – nothing more, nothing less.

Aaron saw me from his peripheral and looked at me to say hi. I said hi by nodding my head in a way to acknowledge his presence and he walked up to me, checked the book that I am reading and told me that he has read it a couple of weeks ago. I asked what he’s up to and he said he’s buying some cards to send for family who are currently vacationing in Osaka, Japan.

This Aaron guy is really amazing. For a jock like him, it’s not very common that you will hear them admit to doing sweet gestures. No one would really know who they are outside the field but I have a good feeling that he’s not like every other football player in our university. He went ahead to buy the card that he needed and before he left the bookstore, came up to me and said that he’s going to have a party that same night, his place, with just few of his friends.

He invited me. Although without an invitation, a verbal invite was definitely more than enough. I was happy.

I was a little hesistant too because why will Aaron invite me to an all-boys party? I am assuming that the friends he invited are his friends from football. Even though I was a bit hesistant, I told myself that I will have the best time of my life considering the fact that I will be surrounded with so many boys, at the home I usually imagine myself to be in because of Aaron himself.

I prepared rather carefully and made sure that I look and smell good before leaving for his place. When I got there, I had to wait for a few seconds before someone came up to the door to open it. The sound from inside his house was too loud. I was worried that the neighbors would get mad at one point or another. But I couldn’t care less about anything else but having a great time.

Aaron opened the door, shook my hand and tapped my shoulders and gestured that I go inside his house. I was too overwhelmed with what I saw, there were a lot of guys in the party. I thought he invited just a few, but I guess I was wrong. And everywhere in his living room, there were several cock cages that intrigued me greatly. I had a good feeling about this. Somehow I knew that Aaron is the kind of guy who is game for anything, I am not so sure though if he’s game for everything with a gay guy who happens to be closet, although androgynous.

We had a couple slices of pizza, had a couple of drinks, played some games, and had the best time of my life. I remembered my list for plans this summer and thought of the second one on my list: “Have the best time of your life” and I knew that this is the kind of fun I was talking about.

After three hours of laughing our hearts out and goofing around, we ended up playing our last game. It was the very common game kiss and blow and while we were playing it, I couldn’t help but look around at all these male chastity products he has. I was wondering and so many thoughts were running through my mind and I started imagining stirring interactions with this guy. He’s just too good to be true. I knew at some point tonight I will figure out what his weakness is. I lost my concentration from the game so I ended up losing and had to kiss Aaron. It was nothing to me, in fact, I have been imagining this moment too and I was surprised that Aaron, perhaps because he is already drunk agreed to this brief kiss on the lips. It was definitely the best five seconds of my life. And I passed out.

I woke up not knowing what time it was exactly and without knowing too where I was. My surrounding was still dark so I assumed it was still night time or early in the morning before the sun rises. I tried to stand up from the bed but couldn’t. My head was spinning and I was sent on tailspin. I am so dead drunk I couldn’t take control over my knees, moreseo my self. I remembered Aaron, I remembered that this is his house and he should be here somewhere.

I went out of the door and walked slowly and carefully, fearful that someone is at his house sleeping and that I might wake up. I heard the sound of murmurs and heard people kissing. It was rather loud, that sound of a kiss. I followed it and saw Aaron jerking it off with another guy, the biggest guy in the football team. The cock gear in his home are everywhere and I automatically assumed that those are the exact products he uses.

For some reason, I felt jealous looking at this other hunk of a guy kissing, carressing and blowing Aaron giving him the best time of his life. I wanted to join in but felt possessive and would much rather just have a moment with him by myself. I was too curious of what these hot cock gear devices are and how they can be used and I imagined so many thoughts within a minute I guess.

I choked through my thoughts literally so Aaron looked towards my direction and pulled away from this other guy from his team. His face turned red and I was certain that if only he could deny that something was really happening, he would’ve done it right then and there. But it was too late. I walked quickly back to where I was sleeping, gathered my clothes and decided to leave. But Aaron followed me.

I am sorry for what you see, if it offended you, he said. I replied saying it’s not really a problem. I smirked as of to tell him that I know about those things so it didn’t really matter that much to me at all. But what caught my attention is that he had on his had two different cock cages that I haven’t seen in his living room a few hours earlier. When he saw my eyes glance from these products, he looked at me and asked me if I wanted to try,

I couldn’t care less about anything at that time. I wanted to get laid, I’ve wanted Aaron for a really long time already so I immediately agreed to what he wanted. He put on these anal plug on my butt and inserted his cock in me. It was not too hard but that shouldn’t be a problem. I told him that he’s my first so I want him to be gentle and he was, throughout the whole time.

I felt his skin against mine as he went in and out of my anus and I liked how the sensation felt. It was something knew to me and I really liked it. I felt too erotic that I wanted him to be my first in everything. I sucked his cock until he came and inserted my dick into his anus. He wore this ball crushers that turned me on I couldn’t stop my passion. It was too intense. The moment was too intense. I wanted Aaron, I begged for him, I craved for him. Everything about him was magnificent. I was like a little gay guy having sexual fantasies for the first time, and I really was.

Our moment lasted for an hour or two but it felt like it was just a few minutes. I wanted more but I knew he couldn’t give me anything. He came all over me and I knew that it was all he had. It wasn’t my first time to cum. But this is the first time I did it with a living person. I would usually do it with my own penis gear that no one knew I had. But mine were plain and simple, his were truly extreme it haunted me.

We started fixing and getting into our clothes. I was still on a daze with what just happened but he had this look on his face – a mixture of shame and worry and I understood that he didn’t want anybody to know. I went home, ticked getting laid off my list and never saw Aaron the rest of the summer.

Chastity Devices Have Changed Over the Years

I have seen a lot of different chastity devices in my lifetime but none of them compare the ones that are coming out online these days. I used to work in an adult book shop in a major city and I can tell you that there are a lot of weird things that people are into in the private side of their lives. On the other hand, I never really had an issue with the chastity side of things. It seemed fairly harmless to me. Besides, the guys that were wearing these devices all seemed to be fairly sociable individuals that were always happy. Once I got out of the adult world, I pretty much forgot about all of that and went onto the next stage of my life.

Recently, I have found myself looking into these chastity devices a bit more. The ones that I have been researching are nothing like anything I remember them to be. The older devices were pretty easy to get into and they did their job very well. However, the newer designs seem to be something that I might never be ready to try out personally. I do not really see how some of these designs are even worn by guys that would use them all the time. I am not saying anything bad about them or the guys wearing them, mind you. It is just that I have no idea how it all works.


Seeing all of these newer chastity designs has gotten my interest up, though, and I think I might have to try one or two of them out anyway. I do not know how well I will be able to handle wearing any of them, but I am certain that I can get into whatever I decide to test. I just hope that I do not regret this decision. I really want to try out something different and I think I am ready for something like this. The thing is that you never really know about things like this until it is too late to change your mind. I just hope that I do not end up getting stuck in the damn thing.

Keeping a Chastity Device Collection

It might sound as if it is a strange thing to do, but many men keep a chastity device collection. There are people who do this very thing. They might not even use any of these devices themselves, but they enjoy having these private collections to show off to interested parties. These collection owners typically are not able to part with their prized acquisitions although they might be willing to give it up if the price is right. You know, everyone has a price where they are willing to let some pieces go. Besides, if you find that you can part from a few items, you can always take that money and buy some more new items to add.

A huge pleasure is a motive for taking great care of your chastity device collection. Many people make it a point to dust and clean those items on a daily basis. They do this for themselves and the pleasure it brings to them as they spend time with their favorite pieces. Believe it not, there are actually many of these items for sale. You just have to know where to look for them. The best way of going about this is to do some deep digging and you will find other collectors who are willing to sell any of the items in their personal collections. You may also find some people who are brokers, or middle men, who will assist you in acquiring new devices for your collection.

Now that you have a bit of education on how to acquire a coveted chastity device, there is nothing stopping you from beginning your search for any of the items that you wish to add to your personal collection, In fact, you will probably get some ideas as to devices that you have not even heard of and will have fun finding and enter a bargaining war to see which of you will win the coveted item. So just get out there and have some fun!


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