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Why Male Chastity is Fun

There are a few people out there that think it’s weird that I am into male chastity. They just don’t understand why I would want to lock myself up in a tiny little cage and then brag about how I can't get an erection without it actually hurting me. Well, for all of those people out there that couldn’t possibly just leave me alone and let me live my own twisted little life, I shall explain. The main reason I do this is because I think it is fun.

You see, there are things in life that people do just because they enjoy it. Riding a roller coaster can be extremely dangerous but people do it because it’s fun. I wear a cock cage because I think it is fun to pack myself away and take total control over when, or even if, I ever get an erection again. I do not find any sexual gratification out of wearing a cage like this, but I do tend to like some of the styles that I have found from The models that are showing them off are pretty hot as well, and that does give me sexual gratification.

Anyone that is willing to lock their cocks up in a cage is willing to do just about anything when it comes to adventurous aspects in their life. Now, I can't really speak for anyone else out there in this big world, but I have been known to get pretty wild and decide to take off on a whim for a tropical island somewhere. Things like that are fun for me, and I always remember to take my cage with me because I never know when I might end up needing it.

If you find yourself constantly getting into trouble with your partner because you are getting erections all the time, then maybe you should look more at the fun side of wearing a penis cage and less at how defensive you get with your partner. If you end up getting too defensive, then you might not have a partner left to yell at you about getting an erection every time a hot guy or girl happens to bend over in front of you and you notice they aren't wearing any underwear. That is usually what ends up getting ME into trouble, anyway.

You can end up having all kinds of fun in your life if you decide to wear a chastity cage like I have. Just the other day, I was invited to a yacht party to the Caribbean but had to turn it down because I was already on my way to a local resort for another party. Things like that never really happened in my life before I found the pleasure and fun of wearing my cage. Now, it could have been a coincident that all this fun popped up at the same time, but I don’t really think so.

Before I found and their long line of cock cages, I was a “nobody” that sat in a cubicle doing data processing. I had no friends to speak of and never really did anything over the weekends accept online porn and virtual gaming. As fun as all that may seem to some people, I was getting tired of it in a hurry. I decided that I would change my life in one small way every week to see where it would lead me later on and chastity seemed like a good place to start.

It took me a while to decide which  cage I was going to purchase, but once I found it, I was eager for it to arrive. The day it did show up in the mail I immediately put it on and wore it around the house. I loved how comfortable it was and the fact that it felt so natural for me to wear. I decided to give it a bit of time before wearing it to work, though, since I didn’t want anyone to suddenly notice me with a huge bulge in my pants and try to figure out what it was.

I wore it out to the grocery store a couple of times that week and found it exhilarating to say the least. No one even noticed that I had a cage on and that gave me a bit more confidence to take it to a few other places. I started walking with my held head high and noticed that the sun was shining just a bit brighter than it ever had before. Things like that only happen when you are having fun, and wearing that cage was definitely giving me the fun that I had been missing in my life before.

After I was used to wearing my  cage from around the house and out on the town a few times, I decided to go ahead and take it to work one day. I hadn’t worn the cage for that long of a time in one day so it was going to be a test to see if I could do it or not. It became a bit uncomfortable around lunch time for about ten minutes, but that was because of the way I had been sitting made it dig into my inner thigh a bit.

My first day of wearing my penis cage at work was a success and no one paid any attention to me. Of course, no one paid any attention to me before, either, but they weren’t aware that I was wearing something like this and that was what I was hoping for with this little test. I also found out that I can wear it all day without taking it off, and that made me want to try it for longer periods of time. I loved being able to work my way up to weeks and even months at a time.

When I started wearing my penis cage to work more often I found that I was more relaxed and was able to do my job better and faster. This made my boss take notice of me and offer me more responsibility in my position. That was a very interesting thing to happen to me since I was the lowest person on the totem pole in that office, but I accepted and decided to take on the extra work that he had entrusted me with. Apparently I did that work fairly well, too, since I ended up with a raise soon after.

Once I got my raise the other people in the office started to talk to me. They still weren’t aware that I was wearing a chastity cage from but that didn’t stop me from being more open with the people that I was working with and at least try to make some friends. The good news is that it worked, and after a few weeks, I was getting invited to after work parties. That was the moment when I realized that my cage was literally changing my attitude towards life and making it better.

Some people have to work hard in life to make things fun and exciting. All I have to do is wear my male chastity cage and everything turns out better regardless. I have a lot more fun now than I ever did before and it’s all because I decided to give something a try that I never thought I would ever do. It’s quite funny how wearing something that keeps me from having sex has gained me more opportunities at sex than not wearing it ever did. That was always one aspect that I never really understood.

It doesn’t matter what I have done in my life, nothing compares to the things that have happened since I started wearing my cage. I have been promoted a few more times and now I am in charge of the section that I started out in. Being a supervisor has given me a great raise and some other perks that I never knew existed. Now, I am a supervisor that has the ability to hire and fire people under me and everyone treats me with the utmost respect. There is nothing better than having other peoples respect and it’s not all out of fear, either.
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The people that work for me all know, now, that I wear a cock cage under my clothing while I am working. They understand that it is my choice in life to wear it and that it doesn’t affect them or the way I run things in the office. The best thing is that I get invited to all the parties they have on the weekends as well, even those that are weekend long affairs. The fun never stops in my life and I take advantage of it as often as possible.

Now that I have a new found love of life, I have also started branching out with my interest in cages and looking at all sorts of cock gear. The first one I purchased from was pretty basic. There was nothing really fancy about it and it was the only thing I could afford at the time. Since then, I have purchased just about every style and design that they currently have and I'm always looking forward to new designs coming out. I have worn almost every one and find that each of them have different aspects to the way they fit and what they can offer you.

The most important thing to remember when picking out your first cock cage is to have fun. You aren't locking your cock up as a punishment. Okay, maybe some of you are locking it up as a form of punishment or having it done by your Master or Mistress, but for me it was meant to be a fun experience to try out and nothing more than that. If you don’t have the willingness to put fun into your life while wearing a cage, then you aren't ever going to have the fun that you really want.

Things in your life happen for a reason and wearing a chastity cage was something that I fell into, literally, one late night while surfing around on the internet. There was no rhyme or reason to it, and I can't for the life of me remember how I even ended up at, but I did, and I have been eternally grateful to the powers that be that led me to them. I have had more fun in the last couple of years than I did in the first 30 years of my life.

You may think that wearing a cage from is something that you would never be interested in doing, but you are reading this and that takes at least a little bit of interest in the subject. So why are you only reading this and not going through their website to find the perfect cage to wear? Even if you are only wearing it around your house for a few hours when you get off work, you can still have some kind of fun in your life and that cage might be the match that starts the fire that will just keep getting hotter.

You have to understand that fun is not something that just knocks on your door when you need it to. You must do things in your life that will bring that fun to you and, for me; it was deciding to wear a chastity cage from I might have never gotten that raise and promotion at work if it wasn’t for my cage, or at least the confidence that my cage ended up handing over to me. Some people may think that your attitude is the only thing you can change in order to really affect things in your life. They may be right at that, but the penis cage I am wearing was able to change my attitude and my life got better as an effect of that.

Men have different views when it comes to having sexual fun; however, they share the same sentiment that sex has to be about feeling the joy of doing it. It has to be good, it has to be enjoyable, it has to be interesting, and it should not be taken as a JOB! Sex is a carnal yet sacred thing to do with your partner and that is part of all relationship of any gender. Without good sex, relationships will fail. That is a big fact!


Trying new things is one the common ways to keep a healthy lifestyle and a good sexual relationship. Keeping up with the spice and what is next to discover together is very vital to do if you want to have a lasting love life (sex life) with someone. Being adventurous is a good trait. This will allow you to be more open to try new things with your partner or even on your own. This is a feed to the imagination of wanting to fulfill both your fantasies or simply just discover it together. Spontaneity is another thing that you have to possess should you like to have an interesting life. Having this personality will make your libido kick in excitement to new things that pops to mind and you know that you are ready to grab the chance.


Being in a relationship is not very hard. Though there are many changes that your partner may want to embed into your already functional relationship, trying to be open minded about it is not so bad. When your man asks you to try new toys, it is for the fact that he wanted to spice up. Just like trying those chastity cages that you can find on They are mediums to add kinks and more color to the already colorful sex life that you have. There is nothing wrong to try a new thing once in a while. You may even get to enjoy it yourself.


Think of it like this: your man wanted to see you in those hot looking cock gear and anal gear that you browse online. Those items the tinkers through your curiosity but quite undecided to try (but willing), those kinky toys that he knows will boost your sexual drive and make the moment on fire, won’t you want to be part of it?


A lot of fantasies are out there to be lived. A lot of partners would want to live it. Others do not have the time to make it real, some do not have the courage to do it. But you with your very open and kinky man of yours wanted to do it with YOU. Take it, grab it, and enjoy. Pick a new toy or sexual devices every now and then and try it together. You will be surprised that in time, it will be you who would ask for a new thing to try.


I once felt the same like any other normal guy out there. I am very shy to try a new thing. I am very confined to the normal sexual acts that even the ancient people know. I am just too hesitant to try new things, maybe because my man is not at open too (or so I thought!). My man and I have been together since our Uni days and we did have a great journey of sexual fun ourselves.  I am normally the bottom guy while he is my top man. Other times we still shift as I am a well fit man myself. Whichever that makes the act more satisfying, we are into it, chastity products included but we have not tried it yet.


Years passed and we graduated, have jobs and been good men of the business industry and we still keep our relationship intact. We have had other partners of course, it is one of the level ups of our more adult version of relationship. We take in separated lovers to feed our occasional kinks for 3s or simple just to have a variety once in a while. It keeps the relationship and the sex on high spirits. We are both fine with the setup and both are enjoying it a lot. I personally choose hunky men since I am the leaner type. And every time we will have to do it separately, it makes me feel so excited to spend fuck time with another man because I could not wait to see him and re-enact the new things we have experienced. That was one of the rules of this open relationship.


One time that we spent a weekend separately and with another, I choose to stay in the city while he went on a boating trip. I had a lot of fuck fun with the guy I met at the bar, he was a gorgeous younger man, cute smile and amazing in bed. I was a happy camper all weekend. I was first to get home the next day. On the day he came home, he greeted me with such thrill in his face. He could not wait to tell me what happened. So he did, and it seems he had discovered about male chastity products.


He wall blabbering about how hesitant he was to try it at first but his man insisted. He explained to him how it will be worthwhile to use it together to make the sexual moment hotter. He also enlightened him the other ways to enjoy it with, and how it is good to try on. So my man agreed and tried it with him. He said that there were several choices and they both took the caged and cuffed from, and he was very careful to put it on them. Yes, they use the cock cages and penis stretchers on themselves, both at the same time. He said that it felt restricted that it actually kicked his sexual hormones high instantly.


I started to wonder how it looked like on him and how it feels like already. I am as open as he is but this is new to me too. By the way he was describing it with utmost joy and thrill in his eyes I came to feel that we will be using those chastity products anytime tonight. I was quite excited myself, curious enough. Surprisingly, he did brought one with him. He took it out from his backpack and showed it to me. Since he already experience being ‘locked’ in the sexy cage, he told me it is my turn to feel the amazing thrill.


It was exciting to try this new found fetish, and I truly wanted to do it too. So we took a shower and had a good shower fuck, and got ready for the highlight of the night. I am getting my first try of the cock gear. He held the device slipped my semi-hard shaft in the steel pipe-like tube, enclosed the base of my balls and locked it with a tiny padlock. He says it is called a half-pipe from I did feel restrained alright, I looked restrained too; with my balls clamped and my entire shaft enclosed in the pipe from base to the collar, leaving only my cock head hanging out from the opening. Admittedly though, I did feel hornier in it.


To add more kick, he started to tease me with his finger touching my cock tip. It sent current all over me and I was instantly turned on. He knew it because I saw his smirk while he kept on tingling my cock head. I was getting excited. My shaft is erecting and I can feel the constraint more. It did not hurt but I do feel restricted. It was a mix of feeling. It was like I wanted to get it off me and feel free to get my entire cock an oral from him, and an exciting sensation that started to build up in me which I wanted to wait for a bit. I let him tease me more until I could not stand it I had to explode. I burst hard with the chastity product device was on me. It was a huge cum and we were both enthralled! I can see his face full of excitement and horny as fuck. He could not wait to know how my first chastity products experience felt like to me was. He wanted me to share it.


I was gasping and I was heavily breathing after that. He was very caring to unlock the device to let my cock breathe. He was very anxious to know how I felt about wearing it and wanted to know if we can do this type of new thing as often as we should. Personally, I did like it on me. There is that certain hot feeling while I am wearing a cock cage. It is like depriving the sex for a bit just enough to get a huge build up ready to explode once freed. That feeling was incredibly sexy hot. I agreed to his request and he was in total joy. I am as happy too with our new found kink to share with. Right then and there we already planned the next item we would like to try.


He was fumbling in his bag the items that he brought with him and took out some male chastity designs which he said he would love to try with me. It was an exciting discovery. We are in a new level of exploration and we are both enjoying it. We make it a point, to check online what are the latest items in the adult market today that will feed our sexual cravings, which have boosted more after that night. The internet has been of great help for us, really. It keeps us updated on new devices and new outfits that we both can try on our sexual escapades together or separately. Our particular side encounters find it interesting and have started to use it with them too.


We both found our likings on the chastity style cages and we try to get a new item once in a while. Sometimes I wear it even to bed when we sleep together, while he is brave enough to wear one under his pants when he goes to work. Such a turn on! He likes it that I find it sexy, he thinks it is too. Maybe soon I will do the same.


Together in our free times, we find time to browse and select which of the devices to try on next and which one will fit me or him for that matter, it was an exciting development for us both. It increased our choices of sex fun and opened us more on how to enjoy it to the fullest. It sounded crazy at first, but eventually when you learn more about how and why to use it, you will be surprised how much you will like it too.


Do not decide as fast, do not conclude based on theories alone. Make it a point to try it first so you have a concrete basis if you like or not using the male chastity products. In most cases, it turns out on the positive side. As long as you both find it enjoyable and interesting to use, go for it. There is nothing wrong to try new kinks. It adds up to the experience and it will help spruce the edges of your sexual relationship. It may not be for everyone, but do not be left out and be a ‘virgin’ to what is out there waiting for you to explore. Time will come that you will be inspired to initiate these acts rather than wait for it to happen. Your partner will be ecstatic. Be dynamic, be vigorous, and be open to try new things. It is healthy, you would not regret it, and I assure you it is ultimate fun.



How about ball crushers? That is another thing to try!

Male Chastity Training Changes your Life for the Better

Once you start going through your male chastity training, you will start seeing a completely different side to your life. All of those things that you thought you knew about yourself will be shoved into the background and a whole new world will open up before you. Things that you never realized you enjoyed will be suddenly forced upon you and you will have a new outlook no matter what else happens in your life from that moment forward. It truly is an amazing experience and I would highly recommend guys give it a shot whether they plan to remain in that lifestyle permanently or not.  

Even after my very first male chastity training experience, I realized that things were going to change for me. I suddenly found that I had the courage to start taking bigger risks in my life as far as my career went. All those times I thought about asking for such as a promotion or taking on more responsibility but feared how that kind of change would affect my life came into focus. I knew that I had the confidence to do whatever I set my mind to and that was a huge thing for me, especially as I had always been the quiet and reserved guy at work.

I have taken extra male chastity training in order to keep this feeling I have intact, although I do not really think it is necessary at this point. I am pretty sure the amount of confidence I have gained from this type of training will stick with me for the rest of my life, but I do not want to risk losing it. Of course, it is not just about the confidence and the ways it can change your life for the better. There is also the amount of fun and pleasure that is tied into something like this that makes it amazing. There really is no limit to the things you can experience when you start going through your training and that makes it more than worth it when you consider the amount of effort you have to put into it all.


What is Your Favorite Chastity Device

Have you ever been asked what your favorite chastity device is? Or do you hang out with people who would find that question rather personal and intimate? If the latter is the case, you most likely have never had to field that particular question and you most certainly have not actually posed that question to anyone. The lack of communication is the real reason that there are many individuals who have yet to learn how to spice up their sexual encounters. It is important to understand how to talk about things like this. Just the right device can make all the difference between having a routine and boring sex life and one that is always filled the firelights.

One popular chastity device is known as the chastity cage. It is known by other names such as cock cage, male chastity cage, men’s cock cage, and man’s chastity cock cage, to name a few.  It does not matter what you want to call it; the end result is still the same. These are placed around a man’s penis and then locked in place. They are not allowed to be out of their cages until their dominant partners give them permission. Usually, this means that the dominant partner gives the submissive certain tasks to do. Some of these tasks are not even sexual in nature. They are just about control.

Other examples of a chastity device include handcuffs, various types of whips, blindfolds, and even a “sex swing.” It really does not matter what you are into because individuals have different tastes. That is why there is a wide selection of these devices. It helps people with all certain types of sexual kinks to find what they need to act on these fantasies. Now while there are some people who are masochists as well as sadists, they do not seem to be the norm, but these people can also find what they are in search of when enjoying a sexual act. Just know that all you need in order to have a fulfilling sex life is right at your fingertips.

Have you seen the biggest trend in male chastity? The biggest trend is the smallest cock cages. The new ultra micro cock cages from including styles like Castrate, Eunuch, Munchkin and Mistress Fury are by far the smallest male chastity cages and devices on the planet. There has never been anything quite like them and there will never be cages that are smaller. These ultra micro male chastity devices cancel out, erase and totally feminize the wearer. The look is no penis at all like the shaft as been removed. These are the most radical new offerings the chastity world has ever experienced. Hang on tight because the micro cock cages are talking over.

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