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Chastity Products to Keep You in Line

“You can’t be serious!” I shouted loudly.

“I couldn’t be more serious,” calmly replied my partner, Dalton. “Cock cages are just what we need to keep you in line, and I’ve found some of the most amazing ones.” 

All I could do was stare at him. What WAS he thinking? How could he ever believe that I would agree to anything like this? Ok, yeah, I know that I tended to go do my own thing at times, but this certainly wasn’t the way to handle things. I’ve never let anyone else control me and I wasn’t about to start now. 

“Fuck that,” I told Dalton. “I won’t be wearing any cock cage for ANY reason. I’m not some little bitch that you can order around.”

“Actually, I CAN order you around if you want me to STICK around,” he quietly replied. “I’m sick of being treated like YOUR little bitch. You expect me to just be here whenever you want and then it’s supposed to be ok when you go out and fuck anything that catches your fancy!”

“Oh come ON! You know it’s not quite like that.”

“Yes, it IS EXACTLY like that. It’s becoming more and more frequent, Chris.”

I couldn’t look at him because I knew he was right. I might actually NEED to be chained to cock cage. This wasn’t something that I meant to keep doing to him. Dalton was the love of my life, yet I couldn’t seem to stop giving into the occasional one night stand. Actually, they weren’t even all night stands. Sometimes, they were just quick encounters in a stall in the mens room or the back seat of a car in the parking lot. To me, it didn’t matter. Once my cock got hard, all I focused on was getting it taken care of.

Speaking of that nether region of my body, I have to stop here and brag on the beauty that is my penis. Closing it up with penis cage isn’t something that I ever considered doing, and I wasn’t considering it now. The truth is that my penis could be used for modeling because it’s so beautiful. It’s a solid 9 ½ inches in length and so thick that I can’t get my hand totally around it. The color of it is a nice pink that looks like it was made to lick.

My gorgeous cock is part of my problem when it comes to keeping it in my pants. In fact, a lot of those extracurricular activities that I mentioned were usually guys that saw my cock and begged to suck it. That’s all there was to it. They sucked my cock and I came in their mouths, which seemed to make them quite happy. Yet, Dalton wanted to use chastity devices to cage my unique tool. It was very disheartening.

“Dalton, I hate hurting you. I hope you know that. You’re my life! But I’m just not going to let you cage my cock up like that. We’ll have to find another way of dealing with this.”

Dalton didn’t even look up at me. His gaze remained fastened on his laptop. Every once in a while, he touched his mouse and I could tell that he was changing pages. It was seriously like I had not spoken a word! I walked closer to where he was sitting with his laptop and looked down at him, trying to get a peek at the device he claimed to be looking at.

“Dalton, we really need to discuss this.”

“What is it that we need to discuss?” he countered. “All that I can see we need to talk about is which of these devices we’ll be getting for you first.”

“And I’ve already told you that I won’t be wearing any ‘devices’. It’s not something that even merits debating because I’m simply not going to do it.”

That finally made Dalton look at me as if he was finally hearing the words come out of my mouth. After staring at me for a very long few minutes, he nodded.

“Ok, Chris. So you’re refusing to wear a male chastity cage . Well, then I guess you’re leaving me no choice. I’ll be packed and out of here by the time you get home tomorrow. Anything that I can’t get moved out by tomorrow will be taken care of by the end of the week.” With those words, Dalton stood up and walked into the bedroom, closed the door and locked it with a resounding click.

I sank onto the couch that was to, apparently, be my bed for the night. Yes, I knew that I had a difficult time staying physically faithful but who could blame me when my cock was so beautiful? Cock cages weren’t going to keep me from misbehaving anyway, were they?

It was then that I realized Dalton had left his laptop on the coffee table. As I hit the space bar, the screen came to life again. There, facing me, was one of the scariest things I had ever seen! I looked closer and saw that he was on a website called The name was rather familiar to me because I had actually ordered some pretty hot swimsuits and underwear from there in the past. I never really paid attention to the other stuff they had on there, though.

Peering even closer, I realized this was one of the chastity products that Dalton had been looking at and considering as one of my punishments. Whoa, I thought as I looked at the details of this device. This one was aptly named the Cock Rage as it looked like my cock would be quite angry to be put in it. It was described as a male chastity cage and I could see where that would apply. Billed as the perfect item to use for chastity training, it also claimed to be “comfortable.” I had to say that I really didn’t see THAT happening. There was 1.75 inch cock ring, with a full shaft tube attached to a metal cage. Claiming to be one of the male chastity devices that would be the perfect weapon to fight against my annoying sexual urges and erections, Dalton was going to use this to tame me. It scared me to look at it, but I had to admit that there was a certain beauty about it, and it WAS quite reasonably priced from what I could tell.

Checking the history, I next visited a page on advertising something called the Rage. This was a male chastity cock cage and also frightened me to look at it. This one would never work for me, as I was quite sure that Dalton had also decided. There were more cock gear that would be much better suited to me because this one was designed for men that had small testicles. Other men that might get some use from it were those that were really good at pulling their testicles through small openings. Nope, this one would NEVER work.

Looking further, I found the Deprived. Even though this design was made to handle larger cocks, it still looked just too painful for my balls. I could see why Dalton had been looking at this one, though. It actually claimed to keep the wearer in line. But isn’t that what ALL chastity devices and cages are meant to do? It was obvious that I knew very little about this whole scene.

Next, and it seemed to be the last one, was the Caged and Cuffed chastity device. The designer of this one seemed to be quite proud of it overall. What catches the attention first is the handcuff that’s used as a lock and a cock ring both. This one is adjustable so that sizes from tiny all the way up to extra-large can benefit from it. It has a very intense look to it and, apparently, feels quite intense as well once it’s locked into place. Of all the chastity products I had just viewed, this one was the most intriguing. The description said that each time it was clicked, the device became tighter. It’s meant to restrict sexual activity and seems to work quite well at doing that. It seems that the Caged and Cuffed device allows for partial erections but probably won’t remain that way for long.

Something else I was learning about all of this is that there are keys involved. These keys locked a man’s cock up in the devices. Then the keys were taken over by someone else, known as the Key Holder. This could be a partner, Mistress or Master. If someone was into Male chastity and had none of these other people in his life, then he became the Key Holder. That meant that he had to be creative when it came to doing things like keeping the key in hard to access places so that he wouldn’t be tempted to cheat.

I spent a sleepless night after all of the chastity devices I had seen on Losing Dalton wasn’t something that I was prepared to do, but neither was being locked up in an unnatural device that was meant to keep my sexuality limited. How far was I willing to go to keep Dalton and prove to him that he really could trust me?

By dawn, I had made a decision. If cock cages and penis gear were what it took to keep Dalton, then I’d just have to go along with it. I went into the guest bathroom and showered. Then, wrapped in only a towel around my waist, I padded back into the kitchen to start coffee. The sun was fully up now and I was pretty sure I could hear Dalton moving around in the bedroom. I fixed two cups of coffee and waited for him to emerge from the room.

I didn’t have to wait long. Within just a few minutes, I heard the lock on the door click and then it opened. Dalton was fully dressed and was carrying a suitcase. Barely glancing at me, he set the suitcase by the front door and walked into the kitchen. Then he noticed the screen of his laptop still trained on the chastity gear that he had been viewing the night before.

“So, did you have a look at these?” he asked.

“Yes, I actually did. Here’s your coffee,” I said as I pushed the cup across the bar to him.

“Thank you,” he said rather formerly. After a few minutes of silence, he finally asked me what I thought of the devices.

“Honestly, I think they’re archaic and very frightening. They’re unnatural and I really think they may be, at the least, slightly dangerous.”

“I see,” Dalton said, haughtily, as his nose went up a notch. ”Then, it seems we have nothing to discuss.”

“Now hang on just a fucking minute,” I demanded. “Do I like Male chastity? Probably not. Does that mean that I’m unwilling to try anything at this point, even those contraptions, to prove to you that I do love you and that you can trust me? No. I came to the conclusion that you mean more to me than life itself and I know I’ve been quite an asshole to you. That’s why I deserve anything that you want to do to me as punishment.”

Dalton was trying to hide the little smile that had crept slowly onto his mouth, but I saw it anyway.

“Do you really mean that?” he asked. “Are you truly ready to work on becoming faithful only to me?”

“Yes,” I replied without hesitation.

“And which one of the cock cages were you most drawn to?” he asked.

“Truthfully, I ‘m not convinced that I want any of them locked around such an important part of my body, but I’ll leave the choice to you as that seems to be the way this is supposed to work.” I replied.

Dalton nodded as he pulled the laptop closer to him and started to move his fingers over the keyboard. I could only guess that he was now ordering the device of his choice and I felt a tiny flutter of panic in the pit of my stomach. Then he closed the laptop and sat back onto the sofa with a very satisfied smile on his face.

“So, did you narrow the devices down to what you like?” I tentatively asked.

“Sure did!” Dalton replied. “It will be here in a couple of days.” Then he gave me the first genuine smile I had seen from him in days.

“Well, I’m glad that we got that all sorted,” I said. “Now, can I please have a hug?”

Dalton gave me this wicked little smile and motioned for me to come over to him. He did give me a huge hug and I was able to coax a kiss from him as well. All thoughts of cock gear vanished from my head. Actually, the kissing went on for a few minutes, to the point that I was getting excited and hopeful. However, just as I reached down to unwrap my towel, Dalton stopped me.

“Oh, I don’t think we should do this,” he said. “There are some rules that we’ll need to set while you’re in training.”

“Training?” I screeched. “What are you talking about? I’m not in ‘training’ for anything!”

Dalton pulled back and stared at me for a several long seconds before replying.

“Yes, training. That’s what I said. Why do you think we’re getting cock gear?”

I was starting to get that feeling of dread again. Instead, I stood up, dropping my towel in the process and walked away. There was some small bit of pleasure in knowing that I was giving Dalton an up close and personal look at one of the most gorgeous cocks on the planet. I even smiled a little as I knew that he was also watching my very round, muscular ass while I was on my way out of the room.

We sort of walked around on egg shells with each other for the next couple of days. Even though we were at least sleeping in the same bed again, Dalton was remaining firm on the no sex thing,  so I was spending lots of time in the shower. I did some research on chastity devices and was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to be having any sex once Dalton’s order arrived.

When I got home from work on the third day, Dalton was waiting with a gift wrapped box that he presented to me with a demure smile on his face. When I opened it, I found the Caged and Cuff device nestled within some very soft cotton. My heart started beating rather wildly, mostly from fear.

“Now, you go grab a shower while I make dinner,” Dalton said. “Call me when you get out of the shower.”

While standing under a warm spray of water, I spent some time soaping up my entire body. As the soap was sliding around my very hard and throbbing cock, I tried not to think about chastity products of any kind. Instead, I decided I would enjoy what was possibly the last time I would feel any sort of release. Gripping my throbbing cock, I stroked it slowly until I felt the pressure building. My balls were very full and swollen tight, and its contents were starting to work their way up to where they could explode from the head of my cock. It didn’t take as long as I would have thought but the explosion was intense, hard and effective. I was actually left gasping to catch my breath. After I had regained my composure, I stepped out of the shower and toweled off.

Once I was dry, I readied myself for my experience with Male chastity. I called for Dalton and he arrived so fast that I wondered if he had been waiting outside the door. Just as I expected, he was holding the Caged and Cuff device. Kneeling before me, he lovingly took my cock in his hands and kissed the head of it. In spite of the fact that I had just cum so hard that my head still reeled, my member responded quite promptly to this attention. In fact, I was starting to think that I might be getting some action after all. However, that didn’t happen.

Dalton withdrew his lips from my cock and showed me what he was going to do with any device. After applying the cuff like device to my cock, he locked me up tight. Taking the key, he put it on a brand new chain that he wore around his neck. I could only guess that he bought the chain for this express purpose. He gave my cage a final pat and stood up. Kissing me was a little treat I wasn’t expecting since the whole point of this was for me to remain “chaste.” Then, he walked out of the bathroom.

The next few weeks were very interesting for me as well as educational when it came to cock gear. Most of that time was spent in some of the more tortuous forms of action that I had in recent memory. The worst part was Dalton would unexpectedly be positioned naked on the bed stroking his rather large and erect cock. My instructions were to watch until he reached his Happy Ending. Another of his versions of torture was when he stood before me totally naked and instructed me to suck his cock. I was ok with that, but it didn’t help when my own tool became excited because I had learned that chastity products are meant to inhibit erections. Imagine that!

Oddly enough, at some point I started to get used to my cage and it didn’t bother me so much. I mean, I was still very attracted to Dalton and wanted nothing more than to have sex with him again, but we became so much closer in other ways. There was an intimacy between us that we had never had in our relationship, and it was so cool. I loved the level that my training had taken our relationship. Also, I no longer felt the need to lust after every hot guy I saw. I only wanted Dalton.

Something else I found out about male chastity gear is that when they do come off, the rewarding sex that comes after is so amazing. When Dalton finally unlocked me from that cage, it was the happiest night of my life in all possible ways. I had learned a lot, and even though my cage isn’t on me so much anymore, Dalton and I are both very grateful to it for saving our relationship and making it even stronger.

Chastity Devices for All Couples

Chastity devices are a huge part of these relationships. People who are involved in this way of life shop often for devices that they can use in their chosen lifestyle. These devices are pretty   easy to find and are available in all prices. Obviously, the more costly devices are typically the ones with the highest quality but that does not mean that the lower priced items should be ignored. Lower priced devices may simply mean that the company, shop or website is having a sale. That is the best time to grab a true bargain.

Some couples complain that there are not enough chastity devices available when it comes to variety. Naturally, men who are involved in chastity relationships are going to have a nice assortment of such things as cock rings, chastity cages, rope, strap on toys and more. Yet, no one likes to get bored with using the same toys or devices all the time. They like a decent variety of devices to help them have even more fun. Too many people give up before they should when it comes to locating some awesome toys that they can use to enhance that chastity life. So your first piece of advice is to never give up in your search.


Something else that people need to understand about chastity devices is that there is not a better place to begin searching than the internet. You will be amazed at how many websites will pop up for you. The biggest problem may not be finding new and different devices. The issue may turn out to be how difficult it will be to decide which items you want to purchase. That is why you need to definitely save up a bit of money before you start shopping so that you can buy any of the devices you want.

Your Chastity Device Can Change Everything

If you are interested in wearing a chastity device, but you have no idea where to look; you might be tempted to start before you stop. The first thing you need to do is find a group online. There are a lot of groups on the internet that have guys talking about their chastity lifestyle. This means that you can get involved in something of this nature to get all of your questions answered. I believe that this is much easier to do than walking up to a complete stranger and asking them if they are into chastity. I have actually tried that at one point. I can say that it was not a lot of fun for either of us.

If you want to wear your chastity devices but you are afraid of anyone finding out about them, you will always be able to find low profile options to try out around the house. You can wear one in your free time and constantly check a mirror to see how much of it is showing off. This really helps when you are wearing different kinds of clothes so that you can see what others might be looking at. Or you could be gutsy and just go out in public wearing the biggest cage you can find. That is pretty much how I handled things, and I have to admit that it was rather thrilling for me to do something like that.

Just remember that wearing chastity devices is a life changing experience for most guys in the world. You will either fall madly in love with your new devices or you will hate the thought of having to put them on yet again. Either way, your life is going to be changed by these devices and that is always a good thing to experience. You may not like what you are trying on for the first time, but you will eventually enjoy the way something like this can make you feel. In the words of Axl Rose, all you need is just a little patience. 


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